Female robin gathering nest material; I was plumb tickled to get this shot

American males! Boost the economy by purchasing a few men’s magazines, thumb through to the ad section, and order at least one of each penis enhancement product you see advertised. I prefer the balms and lotions myself because I can see and feel that I am getting bigger as I apply and massage them into my pores. Some of the pumps are ok if I don’t overdo them, but the pills never seem to help.
Saturday was mostly a day in limbo as we awaited the satellite people to come out and do their equipment changes. Of course if was nearly 5:00pm when he got here. Yesterday I rode with Carolyn to Fall Branch to clean the little building. and from there we rode through the countryside looking for photo ops, which were few and far between. Every shot I made was from inside the car; the crutches ate too cumbersome for climbing in and out of the doors. I caught a buzzard picnicking along the roadside; he was having flattened raccoon and allowed us to get close enough for a half-way decent shot. We stopped in Jonesborough and got a soft-serve ice cream cone; it was pretty good on a very warm afternoon. Our last stop was the cemetery in the community where I grew up; it is so peaceful there with many kinds of birds loitering about doing their bird thing. The photo was made while there. Most of my shots turned out crappy; I had my white balance set for “cloudy” when there was hardly a cloud in the sky. However, my software took care of that problem. Another thing was shooting while sitting inside the car with it’s engine running; there is always some vibration seeping through the seat, down my arms, and into the camera. Another problem was eye allergies, everything looked blurry anyway. Even with all that, I was able to salvage some pics for the blog. When we got home, Carolyn had to rush into the house to the bathroom, leaving me sitting in the car crutchless. Then she forgot all about poor little me as she gossiped on the phone so I finally had to work myself out of the car, scoot my butt along the side to the back door, and from there stand on one leg with three pounds of camera and lenses hanging around my neck while I fought the sticks out of the back seat. As I finally struggled to the front door, she came out looking for me and admitted she forgot about me. Such is nearly 47 years of marriage.
Have a Great Worshday, my friends!

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  1. Ken, I know that your situation was not easy (heavy camera, crutch-less), nevertheless you described it in so funny way. I simply burst out laughing when I read this last sentence: “Such is nearly 47 years of marriage”. 🙂
    Photo of the female robin is wonderful. I suppose you had a good lens. I wonder if the male robin helps his “wife” in gathering nest material.
    Balms and lotions … Hm! In my country only the pills are advertised. Oh, I saw lovely ad in London (it was display of Chinese shop). It was written: Impotence? Pre-ejaculation? Not worries. Our acupuncture and tonic herbal medicine can help you rebuild your sexual ability”. I must admit it was so interesting that I made a photo of this ad. 😉
    Have lovely new week!

    • I intended today’s blog to be a humorous; glad you caught onto it. Yep, the male robin helps with nest building, egg incubation, and feeding the chicks. They are good family folk. The Chinese shop people can keep away from me with their impotence acupuncture; I wonder what the hell they think they are going to puncture to cause a man to rise to the occasion? Geez! Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. Oh, don’t be scared, my friend. I think they’re going to puncture man’s back. Yes, BACK, and I suppose it’s rather long therapy. 😉

    • Got to be careful around the pins and needles! 🙂

  3. I think she forgot on purpose.

    Don’t you hate when you shoot and all the shots are crap. Seems kile a waste of a perfect day.

    I now get erection emails everyday at work. They are making their way through our spam server.

    • I think she forgot on purpose also.
      I would have been pissed about my photos except the day was so glorious.
      I don’t get many of the emails, but I get a bunch of ads in my blogger comment boxes.
      Thanks, Mark

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