Easter rambles

Headtown House

The tradition of celebrating Easter (East; Eastern) is at least 2,000 years older than the Christian days of remembrance. People of Babylon went to the hilltops at sunrise to worship the rising sun. Christians copied the special day and time to commemorate the rising Son.
The above photo was made nearly 54 years ago; it is the first and only house my mom and dad owned, although it was rebuilt into a three bedroom abode after it partially burned in 1965. It was located across the country road from my grandmother’s house. My Dad, along with slave labor from my uncle Roy and my 12 year old self, built this small, two bedroom home with his bare hands. He dug the foundation trench by hand, mixed and poured the foundation concrete by hand, laid the cement blocks by himself, and did most of the other work. The only time he asked for help was when he absolutely needed it. He hired professionals to lay the stonework on the front, and had to have extra help hoisting the main beam across the front, but other than that, it was mostly the three of us. Actually, it was mostly the two of them as my dad considered me as being too young and incompetent, and I was too precious to be allowed to do any climbing by my mom. The photo was made just after we moved into the house but it was nowhere near completely finished inside or outside. The car is a 1951 Oldsmobile; it is the car I first began to learn to drive.
Today’s Frank and Ernest comic strip.
Have a relaxing weekend, my dears.

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  1. Such a charming story about the house. The yard is so scratch.. it is missing a few random chickens hunting for bugs. Was the car placed in the front of the house just for the photo? or was that its natural parking place? I like the older version of easter way better than the current one. OK so I counted 5 squirrels on my porch this morning all waiting their turn and actually chasing each other around on the INSIDE of the screen. Time to end this silliness before I am overrun. Are you laughing at me yet?

    • The normal parking place was on the left of the pic. My dad was as proud of his Oldsmobile as my mom was her house, so they had to sometimes share the spotlight.
      I suppose you know that one of the fuzzies will chew a hole in the screen if he has to; Pandoras’ box has been opened! Heh-heh. Four today, forty tomorrow! We had a few squirrel fights in our bedroom back when I was feeding them on the porch.
      Have your wrens re-nested this year?
      Thanks, Tammy.

  2. The wrens did check out the old nesting site but chose a different place. They are about the garden so I still get to enjoy them. I am really getting an appreciation for the determination of a squirrel where a nut is concerned. They descended upon me so quickly. I even noticed a squirrel 2 houses down w/ a peanut in his mouth… one of MY peanuts!!! I think they called friends and family. Now what! I just want my Mille back not all these hoodlums. and mike will kill me if they ruin the screen that he just replaced. sigh.

    • Millie must have been boss enough to keep the other free loaders away. Try some heavier metal screens, but that will deter them only for awhile. Like a wharf rat, they can gnaw through wood, too. Keep us posted; this is getting to be fun! 🙂

  3. I love 1951 olds! Since it is Easter, why not have fun with Art for the entire family? Check this out : http://segmation.wordpress.com/2011/04/07/exciting-easter-eggcitement-art-crafts-www-segmation-com/ and thanks for allowing my comment.

  4. Heathens have given many days to the Christians.

    I heard squirrels do not like human hair.

    • That is true about human hair and any other strong human scent.

  5. Maybe it is bunnies not squirrels, oops.

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