Easter week


Easter Sunday 1962
My mom and uncle Roy’s children, Hank and Vicki, wearing new Easter outfits. Vicki is holding her Easter basket. This photo was made in my grandmother’s side yard. Just off the corner of the house, you can barely see a small out-building; it was our toilet.


This photo is of me, my aunt Iva (aka:Ivy) sitting behind me, and Dot, my mom. This was made in early autumn 1946, showing off my new winter outfit. Dig that hat! I hope I was never seen in public looking like that! This shot was made in grandma’s front yard.

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  1. Lovely Easter atmosphere! I love these two kids in their new Easter outfits. Your new winter coat is very nice too, my friend. I really don’t understand why you don’t like your hat. Well, it seems to be very stylish. 😉
    Dot … Dot is the most beautiful, as always. 🙂
    As for the video and its song, almost all words are clear for me. Amazing.

  2. Happily, that is one hat I do not remember.
    Dot was very pretty, and Ivy was–and is–pretty also.
    Gene Autry was a good country and western singer.
    Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  3. Love the hat! why don’t we wear hats any more? The new young-people-trend is wearing pants halfway down and the display of undergarments. when will that go away? Why do old black and white photos of women have such a romantic feel to them? Most all the women taken in those shots look beautiful and elegant. I think I caught Mark’s headache. happy friday to you dear friends.

    • I always wear a ball cap when I go outside; I suppose I have worn a hat of some kind most of my life; much like Linus’s security blanket, I suppose.
      I think the poor lenses on the old box cameras and such gave a soft, dreamy aura to the photos. Nowadays, fashion and portrait photographers spend a lot of money on lenses and filters to get a similar effect that is no better than the old pics. I suppose Mark is glad to share his headaches if it alleviates his misery any.
      Thanks, Tammy

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