Here Comes Peter Cottontail …

I wish people like frumpy Donald Trump could live in the real world for a year or so. Barack Obama is my president whether I like or dislike his policies and job performance. I wonder why Mr. Trump never complained about George W. Bush being born with only a nubbin for a brain, or about Ronald Reagan being born without a heart. In his comic strip, Doonesbury, Gary Trudeau has been revealing how The Donald appears to real middle-class people. However, Trump does carry all the qualifications of a successful politician; windbag.
Rain today; should be fine weather Saturday and Sunday; Saturday I have to wait around for the satellite TV people to come out and change our dishes and receivers. Sunday may be a go for shooting if my knee agrees.

Alice left the following comment on my Easter at grandma’s house post:

Love the Easter stories. Mine was always going to a sunrise service.
Then we had the dinner at my grandmothers and hiding the eggs.
Now I still love going to a sunrise service. My church serves breakfast after the sunrise service. Make is worth getting up early.
I still love chocolate Easter Bunnies.

I think the chocolate Easter bunnies are favorite memories of of most grownups; even more than the Peeps. Yep, I always tried to con my children and grandchildren out of their chocolate bunnies.
Happy Day, my friends!

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  1. Lovely video! I love also Alice’s story. Breakfast after the sunrise service seems to be something quite amazing for me; and nice. Yes, very nice! I suppose it must be rather small church.
    Today (after work) I visited a famous chocolate shop “Wedel”. Oh, there were here so lovely Easter Bunnies. I’ll purchase a few of them tomorrow.

    Sometimes if the weather is mild I like rainy days. 🙂

    • Alice’s church is not huge, but I guess it has several hundreds of members. Many churches in U.S. have Easter sunrise services and then breakfasts in the church dining area.
      Do you have “Peeps” in Warsaw? They are little bunnies and chickens made of marshmallow and sprinkled with sugar. I hope you enjoy your chocolate bunnies.
      Thanks, Jola 🙂

  2. Nice for Alice to chime in with us! I must admit, being no kind of christian person myself, I have enjoyed a christmas service in a catholic church from time to time. My in-laws are devot catholics and on occasion I will join them for service. There is a certain peace to be found (before any preaching starts) and I can appreciate it for what it is. I’ll bet Easter services are nice as well. We have success Ken! My new little friend (I think I’ll call her Daisy) has made her way to the peanut pot and has been dilligently running to and fro for her free peanuts. The other squirrels are confused as to how she gets them I think and as soon as she leaves the safety of the house they chase her all over the yard. So she has decided to just sit and eat on the porch instead. I am looking foward to the new relationship.

    • I agree that church sanctuaries, especially Catholic sanctuaries, are one of the most peaceful places one can be inside a building.
      Glad Daisy has taken a liking to you and your peanuts; however I expect more of the critters will figure out her little scheme. Do you have blue jays in your area; if so, they can swoop from a tree and take a nut from a squirrels mouth; it is comical when fuzzy butt gets that “What the hell just happened?” look on her face.
      Thanks, Tammy

  3. As Catholic, I have to fast and abstain from eating meat on Good Friday, before I rejoice come Easter Sunday.

    • I suppose the entire weekend is observed by Catholics. I know of one church–not Catholic–where Good Friday is considered more important than Easter Sunday.
      Thanks, renxkyoko

  4. Maybe this Easter Sundat i’ll make a little roadtrip to the mountains.

    • From experience, rivers and creeks are the best place for nature shots in spring. Do you good to get away where ever you go.

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