Rant number eleventy-seven


Infrastructure. Today is the third time this year that we’ve had an electrical outage due to high winds and lasting four or more hours. It has progressively worsened over the past five years as utility usage prices have soared and system maintenance has been put on a back burner. Used to be we would have one or two outages each year, mostly in summer months when there were many electrical storms with heavy rains and in winter when ice and snow overburdened power lines. Since weather patterns have changed dramatically over a relatively short time, the problem has become a year-round and common phenomena. Instead of using excess corporate profits to bolster the electrical grid, companies have allowed nature to outpace their ability to prevent such problems. President Obama had a good idea concerning rebuilding all phases of our nationwide infrastructure; but he has no viable long range plan to carry out necessary repairs and replacements with new and better technologies. He failed to convince Congress, and more importantly, the American people that it was something vital to the welfare of the country. Three things must be maintained to insure that the United States has decent future prospects: National security; education; infrastructure. National security has been vastly over funded as education and infrastructure have been severely under funded. At present, the President and Congress are going to make more and deeper cuts to eduction and infrastructure, while paying only lip service to trimming the huge over abundance of fat from military appropriations.
The power is on again, but the next storm system through the area will most likely put us once more in the dark. It is what I get for living on the poor side of town.
From being bored out my ears, I made the photo this morning by window light while it was raining outside. This is a 30 second exposure.
Have a good Sunday, my friends.

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  1. I always like when you’re writing about different problems of your country. I think that each country has each own problems, however the situation of the USA is very special because it’s huge country; it’s a whole continent.
    The photo of the tulip is beautiful. Good work, my friend.
    Have a lovely Sunday. 🙂

    • The USA is falling apart at its corporate seams.
      I have a few more photos of the tulips.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

    • I hope you learn one thing and that is not to allow your government to follow the USA down the same road to self destruction.
      Thanks, my friend. 🙂

  2. It’s sad that Congress makes cuts to education. Good education is the best gift we can give our children.
    Works you posted on Flickr are truly beautiful.

  3. First off your photo is killer. Love the feathery look it has.

    Now to the meat of your rant.

    As utilities have merged and have had larger and larger profits they have continued to cut payroll. The jobs that were cut were the folks who took care of the infrastructure.
    Replacing poles, trimming trees, servicing transformers and so on are now outsourced to private companies and they do not get paid to do what the power company employees did.

    We the Corporations of The United States of Corporations.

    • We are on TVA utility over here, so all the local power distributors are, by law, supposed to be non-profit. Our local power board hires out line tree trimming, but they do a majority of their own installations and trouble shooting. But like the other companies, they have cut back the man-power that does the work.
      Thanks, Mark.

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