Wilbur Autumn

Ever have writer’s block? Ever have thinker’s block?

Today, I seem to be stricken with both diseases however neither one is judged to be terminal; at their worst they both seem to be debilitating. At their best, they both seem to be debilitating. Actually not much to write about; Sunday when the high winds came, I saw something I had never seen before; horizontal hail. I’ve seen rain blown parallel to the ground on several occasions but that hail beat all I’ve never seen! I turned to Granny in her rocking chair I sez “Granny, that beats all” and Granny turns to me and she sez “Yer right, Paw; that beats all”. I thought to myself, that sure beats all!
Damn, I need some drugs!
Have a Tuesday, you little ol’ bunch o’ sweethearts!

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  1. A little bunch of sweethearts?! Nice!!! Horizontal hail?! Yes, it’s unthinkable. As for me, I still remember a rainbow which suddenly appeared over the Buckingham Palace in London after rather heavy rain.
    Busy week, but I’ll try to make a photo of “my” chestnut; especially for Tammy. It’s the 5th floor, so I can see the crown of this tree every time if I’m only looking through the window.
    Take care, my sweet friend. πŸ™‚

    • We geezers can get by with calling everyone sweetheart; the younger crowd don’t mind too much because they know we are for the most part senile and just try to please everyone else. Boy, if they really knew what we think of most of them! πŸ˜‰
      Must have been exciting to have a promise from God to appear suddenly in the heavens. The Queen probably commanded the rainbow to be there, though.
      Thanks, Jola. πŸ™‚

  2. I have writers block and thinkers block on a regular basis.

    • To show you how bad I had it yesterday, after I did the blog in the morning, I forgot to publish it until after 3:00pm.
      Thanks, Mark.

  3. I wonder if when the Queen orders a rainbow and you see it will you have to pay taxes on the view? I can’t wait to see the chestnut tree from Jola. I do look at her blog site from time to time but I can’t understand the language… 😦 I so love her photos, especially the trees and birds. It seems Jola has a loving happy family. I wonder what the squirrels look like in her part of the world. I saw a shooting star this morning on my a.m. walk with Mike and took it as a good omen. Then I accidently stepped on a toad in the road and half killed him and thought it may be a bad omen. Back where I started I guess. Onward to Wednesday my sweetlings. what do my elders think of me I wonder?

  4. I don’t understand much Polish either; I use Google Translator browser plugin; it deciphers most languages to the point I can at least understand the main points.
    A shooting star is supposed to mean that someone you know has died, and that means you may have been acquainted with the toad. Been kissing any future princes?
    Anyone past 40 years of age IS an elder; at least the kids think that way.
    Thanks, Tammy.

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