Bad day

We had some super-cell thunderstorms last evening; our electric went away before five o’clock and wasn’t back on until eleven. At least one tornado—unconfirmed—was spotted. Houses and out buildings across the area were damaged, some left roofless. Traffic signals were out at major intersections and people no longer know how to proceed without them. My problem was compounded by allergies; I had the Droid still online but I could not see well enough to use it.I ended up dozing in a pitch-black room; we didn’t even have the candles or oil lamps out.
I had big plans for today; I’d made a list of things I wanted to photograph and I had Carolyn talked into driving me around the country side. However, I awoke feeling terrible with much fluid buildup around my joints and some in my back, neck, and ribs. So I sit here on the prettiest day yet of the year and can only look out the window; I don’t even feel like going to the porch. I took a fluid pill and it has begun working; all I have to do is try to keep a balance in my system that will reduce fluid and yet not dehydrate me. So, if I don’t show up anywhere today, don’t let the absence of my wisdom cause you to have suicidal thoughts, don’t kick your pets, and don’t entertain ideas of becoming a hermit living in a monastery; I shall return.
Have a happy Sunday!

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  1. Damned RA! It usually attacks so unexpectedly. What a pity that you can’t carry out your big plans for today.
    Please take a rest, and please take good care of yourself.
    I promise I will not kick my dog, and I will not enter a convent. 😉

    • Hahaha! I saw this comment in my email yesterday and it made me feel much better.
      Thanks, my friend 🙂

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