Sins of the flesh … we love ’em!

Headwaters of Doe River

Christian women in a Houston, Texas suburb are being given the chance to learn the art of exotic dancing—pole dancing—for the greater glorification of Jesus Christ. ABC News has a short article here. Tammy, this could be a great opportunity for you to spread the Word of God by having belly dancing classes for local Christian women and you could pick up a few holy dollars at the same time.
You good folk whom have come to depend on my written words of extreme finite wisdom each day must forgive me if I sometimes do not post any profound utterances to this blog; yesterday was a “for instance”. Seventy-six degrees Fahrenheit (24.4°C) found me on the porch snoozing on the lounger when I should have been spending an hour or so preparing entertainment for you, my only friends. I will try to keep such lapses to a minimum, but god, those cushions in the spring sun are surely comfortable. You may be assured that while I am decadently pampering my body with nature’s gift, I often think of all of you.
Actor Elizabeth Taylor has died. The first movie I remember seeing her in was Elephant Walk; I was about 10 years old and I tagged along with my parents to the theater because I thought the film would be a Tarzan-like adventure. Wow, was I ever mislead by my audacious brain. It turned out to be a tragic love story and by the time I was blessed by seeing “The End” flicker on the silver screen, I didn’t care if all the characters were dead. The next—and last—offering by her that I saw was a few years later when I was a horny 15 years of age, a movie titled Butterfield 8. On a warm evening, my cousin and I walked about five miles to Johnson City and sneaked into the Skyline Drive-in Theater through the playground just so we could see lots of Ms Taylor’s skin adorned by a slinky négligé. The walk back home was one filled with lustful daydreams sinful desire.
The photo is of streamlets of water issuing from fractured rocks near the top of Roan Mountain. These rocks are some of the oldest in the world. The waters become a creek and finally the Doe River which pays tribute to the Watauga River in Elizabethton, Tennessee.
Have a great Tuesday, my friends.

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  1. Well believe it or not there is already a belly dancer in the bible belt who advertises “christian belly dancing.” I just saw her advertisement last week and couldn’t believe my eyes. I’ll look back on my FB pages to see if I can find her link. I’d almost be afraid to see some of the ladies signing up for the class. We want you to lounge in the sun all you can while you can. Don’t worry about us we will wait on you. We imagine you are up to all sorts of wicked fun. The rocks in this river look like a midnight blue and almost like they are alive. Elizabeth is probably somewhere with Michael Jackson having her nails done. be well on this day. xoxo

  2. Modern Christianity is very flexible; if you don’t like it, change it to suit your own way of life. I suppose I will take a few days off from sunning; a cold front is moving through and THEY are saying snow in the high mountains. THEY say the rocks in the photo existed on an ocean bottom long before there was life on earth. Maybe Michael will show Liz how to do a facial like his.
    Thanks, my friend.

  3. I’m happy today because I could talking with my daughter for almost 2 hours (via Skype). We worried a lot of her. It was a bomb outrage in Jerusalem; first bom outrage in this city since 2004 . Fortunately Asia spent her whole day in Tel-Aviv. She is going to Jerusalem tomorrow. We asked her for avoiding the places where are crowds of people.

    It’s so nice to hear that we are in your thoughts, Ken. Resting on your porch is simply wonderful.
    Sad news that E. T. has died. She was so beautiful woman; especially when she was young.
    Have lovely spring days my friends. 🙂

  4. When I saw the news about the bomb in Jerusalem I was hoping your daughter hadn’t gotten that far into her journey. I am happy she is safe.
    Liz was very beautiful and a very dynamic person all her life. She and Michael seemed like an odd pair under any circumstances.
    Thanks, my friend. 🙂

  5. One of my favorite movies of all time “A Place in the Sun”.

    Maybe I should get naked for Jesus in Gibsonville.

    • I never saw that movie; Casablanca is the only love film I ever liked.

      You get naked for Jesus and we may be seeing you in “Mugshots of the Week”

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