In the beginning …

Anj scooted her lean figure as far into the corner as she could, her back firmly against both and walls, putting a few more inches of distance between herself and her captor. Her hands, securely taped behind her back were useless as were her taped ankles. Tape across her mouth made it impossible to scream. She watched in horror as the big man enticed the black dog into the room using pieces of what looked like small bits of fresh meat. The scarred old part Labrador but mostly mongrel showed some reluctance by holding his tail tightly between his legs; the hunger gnawing at his bony sides drove him forward. In a motion almost too fast for her eye to see, the man struck down with the heavy brass heel of the big knife and crushed the top of the trusting dog’s skull. Anj automatically tried to scream but she was too beaten to do more than close her eyes as the big dog fell in a heap. As she reopened her eyes to the scene, the man flipped the knife, caught it by the handle and quickly grabbed the dog by its ears he began severing the head from the body even as its back legs were still jerking in spasms of death. He then sliced holes near the base of each floppy ear and cut a length of cord from the window blind. Methodically, he slipped the cord through the holes, knotted the ends, and glanced toward his captive with his ubiquitous smirk becoming more like a sneer. He slowly lifted the head from the floor, stepped over to his one-person audience, jerked her head forward by her hair, and placed the bloody mess around her neck. Just before she fainted, she realized the piece of meat still clinched between the dog’s teeth was part of a human finger.
“Wear it like the bitch you are, and when I get my hands on that boyfriend of yours, he’ll be wearing your head just like you’re wearing the fido’s.”
I am considering writing a new story; what do you think of the above as an opening? It hasn’t been edited and probably needs some trimming.
Have a spectacular worsh day, dear friends.

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  1. Well know that is quite the opening sequence. Sounds enticing so far. Please run with it.

  2. It’s well written, but it’s horrifying. Jealousy causes that this man is crazy and cruel. Yes, please continue your writing however I must admit I’m not lover of such prose; too much of violence.
    Anj is so intriguing name. I hope the captor will not hurt her. Poor woman! Your writing is very evocative, my friend.

    A good worsh day to you too. πŸ™‚

    • I don’t yet know what makes this man so cruel, and I agree, I am not a lover of such horror. However, it seems to be selling very well and if I am able to make few dollars from such a story, I will do so. Anj is a shortened Angela.
      Thanks very much, Jola. πŸ™‚

  3. Anj is also what Mikes dad goes by. Short for Angelo,

  4. such suspense. I think pretty good as well.

    • It will be difficult to create a short story around it, but I think I will give it a try.
      Thanks, Tammy

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