Book reviews?

Haven’t heard anymore from Keegan and we don’t expect to do so for awhile. His outfit is most likely involved in relief efforts and cleaning up the base.
We found out for sure Friday that TV is not the best means to find out what is going on in such a disaster. Carolyn was trying to find info on CNN and MSNBC but it was only the usual coverage. I went online to CNN’s website and was able to watch live videos from Japan, Hawaii, Oregon, and California as the latter three awaited the tsunami to roll ashore. Saturday morning as the regular news sites interviewed the many “expert” talking heads, I was able to see real news from several different online sources, including feeds from Japan’s own media. It is obvious than some of the “authorities” which were adorning the American outlets did not have a clue as to what they were talking about. At times I had three browsers running with each showing a different video.
Do y’all like the little book reviews I have been doing on this blog? If not, I will cease making them, but if you do like them, should I dedicate another blog just to them or keep reporting from this one? I am usually reading two or three books at the same time and most of them are currently on someone’s best seller list. Other than chocolate and thinking about sex, at the present reading is my only major vice outside the internet. I am now reading Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol; it is a fiction story based in real world places and beliefs much like his best selling The Da Vinci Code. The Lost Symbol is an interesting read based in Washington, D.C. and is a story of this nation’s entanglements with Freemason beliefs from its founding to the present day. In this tome, we must follow Symbologist Robert Langdon as he is trapped in a nightmare of murder, mysteries—old and new, and a labyrinth of secret passages and rooms beneath the Capitol building. Langdon unknowingly holds the key to the a masonic legend concerning the revelation of age old mysteries which can set mankind onto a new path of enlightenment, but there are unknown forces working for and against his reluctant quest for the truth. I am just more than half through reading the book, and so far, I will give it a three out of five stars.
Hope you are having a great weekend!

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  1. I like a lot CNN TV. CNN journalists give an account of events from so many places in the world, and this way we can see and understand the variety of contemporary societies. The journalists in Poland are lazy and they are focused only on Polish events and problems what is egocentric, silly and really anachronistic.
    I regret I didn’t read The Da Vinci Code when it was on the best seller list. I like your little books reviews, Ken. It’s always very interesting to know what books our friends read and like (or don’t like).
    @Tammy: in case of Poland, usually April is first mild and spring month after our long and cold winter. We have continental climate; a bit like in western Russia. Frosty winter, fresh spring, warm summer (22 – 27 C) and rainy autumn. It’s very good climate for our farmers.
    Sunday hugs for all of you my American friends. 🙂

    • CNN at times reminds me of a cat with a mouse; old pussy cat will worry the mouse to death just by playing with it. Sometimes CNN and other media outlets don’t know when to stop worrying a story to death. You get to watch CNN International and we in the US are stuck with the North American version; the international version is much better balanced.
      Glad you like my book reviews.
      Thanks, my friend. 🙂

  2. I have CNN International and you do get a much better world view than the “American CNN”. However they both can drive the life out of a story.

    I like the book reviews. The only problem I have is time. Hell my Netflix list is about 30 right now. Keep the reviews on this blog.

    • I will keep the reviews on this blog; it will take awhile to figure out how much to write about the books.
      Thanks, Mark.

  3. Those CNN videos were horrifying to watch. I didn’t know what to think as I watched them other than “how could this be real?” I am so glad your boy is safe. Now he gets to be involved in a historical event and perhaps help his humankind with his efforts. This certainly will be a defining moment in his life. I too like the book reviews so if you feel like doing sob I’ll gladly read. I’ve a “book list” started of reads I want to start and this helps. @ Jola I think I might be able to live with those colder temperatures provided the benefits include fresh produce, happy farmers, and lots of flowers!!! My temps have been now running between 65 and 85. My coral honeysuckle vine is loaded with buds and lovely red flowers which all flying critters flock to. It is a lovely time in my part of the world as the birds are nesting and seeds virtually hop out of the soil towards the sun. Can’t wait to hear Mark’s garden tales soon. be well on this monday my friends.

    • We haven’t heard anymore from Keegan, so I suppose he is busy with the disaster relief. He is trained as a military policeman, but I bet he not doing much of that at present. Right now I am reading mostly mysteries and sci-fi, but I will spare everyone from most of the science fiction stuff in the reviews. Shaggy the suburban farmer; who would ever have thunked it?!
      Thanks, Tammy.

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