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Keegan 2001


Keegan Christmas 2000

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  1. I wait with you, my dear friend. All these news and videos are terrible. Hope Keegan was in southern part of Japan which is safe.
    Please write us a message if you only know anything.
    Poor Japanese people!

    • Keegan is in northern Japan at Misawa Air Base. He and his unit are fine, but the Japanese people will suffer for generations from this.
      Thanks, Jola.

  2. I have just read it (CNN web site):
    “A spokesman for the U.S. military bases in Japan said all service members were accounted for and there were no reports of damage to installations or ships.”

    • There was some damage, but we don’t know how much. Keegan is fine and awaiting assignment to a relief team.
      Thanks, Jola.

  3. Breathe in and breathe out and we will all be thankful with you. As soon as he calls your racing heart will slow I’m sure. Now lots of work for them to aid the fallen ones.
    My new fuzzy butt was found on the porch a short time ago. She seemed confused as to how she got there and certainly needed some gentle guidance out but she knows where the hoard is stashed and is becoming brave. I have named her Ping. I will keep my candle burning for your boy Keegan and all the Japanese children and hope you have news soon.

    • Keegan was on FB and seemed to be his same old self; probably a bit wiser, though.
      I hope Ping brings you as much joy as did Millie.
      Thanks, Tammy.

  4. Ken
    I know you are glad to hear Keegan is safe. I know you are wanting to hear from him in person. I hope he is able to contact you soon. It is really hard not to worry about them when you can’t talk to them in person and seeing all the damage in Japan makes it worse.
    Praying you hear from him soon.

    • They still have no power and only temporary communication with the outside. He seems to be a couple hundred miles from the broken nuclear plant; that is our worst worry now that we know he made it through the quake.
      Thanks, Alice.

  5. Thanks, my friends.
    I will answer each of your notes as soon as I have a chance.
    We have word from a Stars & Stripes reporter that all personnel at Misawa Air Base in Northern Japan are ok, or at least accounted for. We expect to hear from Keegan within 48 hours. Misawa is very close to the epicenter of the quake.

    • It’s 7.15 am in Warsaw; I’m on the net again and I try to read all news. I know that phones still aren’t working in this part of Japan.
      Please be patient my friend. I’m sure you are able to get in touch with Keegan soon.
      So huge disaster; unimaginable. I pray for the survivors and all these people who are killed or missed. My heart is sad.

      • Keegan is fine; awaiting orders to go out and help with disaster relief. Japan will recover, but it will never be the same.
        Thanks, Jola.

  6. I bet he is involved in the rescue operation already.

    I am sure it was one hell of a scare for a country boy.

    • He said the first thing he tried to save was his tv; he volunteered for relief crew and is awaiting assignment.
      Thanks, Mark

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