Sore eyes of March

Clock tower, 1981

Still plenty of allergies to go around, along with some nice sinus throbs. If the weather would warm into the 70’s for a few days, we could get the worst of it over with. Not many pine trees where I now live, but many red maples need to do their thing and then leave me in peace or should I say “pieces”. I am once more looking like a sore-eyed cat. The grass is slowly greening and Carolyn has hostas out of the ground; baring a very hard freeze, they should be able to make it into spring.
Carolyn is down with the flu, or at least, a bad cold. I suppose I will be next. There is a lot of pneumonia in the schools around here and the hospitals are getting a lot of flu cases.
Tuesdays are divine if you take them one at a time!

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  1. This is beautiful clock tower; lovely photo! And we’re waiting for the photos of Carolyn’s garden flowers. 🙂
    Ken, I hope you’re enough strong to avoid flue or pneumonia. Please, take care. Hugs.

    • Our big forsythia is blooming too. Hope to get some shots of it in a few days.
      I will do my best to not get sick.
      hanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. With all the rain we are supposed to get things will get green quick.
    Hopefully flooding will be ata minimim. Wash the pollen away.

    • This spring is shaping up to be cooler than last year’s model and it was very cool and short.
      You better be buying that lawn mower!

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