Monday, Monday

Joe Kool in winter attire @1982

My Lady Vols won the S.E.C. championship; they are very good but I don’t think they are ready for the likes of UConn. Both teams should receive a number one seed for this year’s N.C.A.A. tournament. All but one of Tennessee’s starters will be back next year, and if they don’t start believing their own press clippings, they should be at least as good as the Connecticut Huskies.
The snow is mostly gone as the sun shines brightly on my old Tennessee home. Still not going to be above “normal” temps for the week ahead, however. We had oodles of rain Saturday night; if full blown spring does come, it should be a beauty. Carolyn has early flowers blooming and daffodils are out of the ground.
I thought I was catching a spring cold, but it is allergies and sinus. Actually, a cold may be easier to deal with because it lasts for only a few days whereas springtime sinus and allergies can go on for a moth or two.
Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday coming; now to get the weather to cooperate so I can have some serious porch sitting.
—- is heading into version two; as I understand it, there will be minor bug fixes, some nice face-lifts to welcoming screens on various parts of the site, some speedups here and there and many more languages will be supported across the board. The site is growing fairly quickly and new servers are being added to help with the nearly 2,500 members now aboard. Best of all, it is all still free, but I imagine some of that will change in coming months. The huge site has to be pretty expensive to  develop and maintain, but I look a for a fee structure to be less than some of the other photo sites have. Another good thing about Megashot, we will be able to have our own sponsors for each of our sites if we wish to do so. Megashot has a lot going for it and it is getting better each day.
Have a fine worshday, my friends.

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  1. A photo from 1982. It’s so nice to see you as a model. I guess Carolyn was a photographer.
    BTW: I got married in 1982; in October.
    I hope your allergies and sinus are not too much tiresome this time. It’s still frosty weather in my country, however the days are bright, sunny and dry.
    Wonderfully that Megashot develops.
    I have rather ironing Monday. 😉

    • I think I used a tripod and self-timer for the camera on this shot. The camera was a Nikon FE SLR, a brilliantly made and easy to use model. You are so young! I was already worn out in 1982. 🙂
      Have fun with the ironing.
      Thanks, Jola.

  2. So 1970s into early 1980s…. Such telltale fashions & hair. I graduated high school in 1986. I agree with you on the allergy/cold musings. my entire month of February is miserable due to allergies from pine pollen. I suppose people in Arizona have little to no allergies but then there are those huge spiders to contend with. I’d rather suffer w/ allergies as spiders scare me terribly. Daffodils are so fun! I can’t have them here. Don’t the squirrels dig up the bulbs? I thought they were notorious for bulb digging. Still no Millie speaking of the fuzzy butts. sniff. It is finally starting to be super nice here and my seedlings are growing quickly. Another 3 weeks and I’ll have the garden planted, another 3 after that and we will be in the pool. Be well dear friends.

    • I think the big fashion of the era was a coke spoon on a neck chain; all I had was a silver dope leaf inlaid with jade. I was such an old fashioned boy.
      I don’t think allergies completely go away until the dead cold of winter. There is always pollen in the warm months, along with mold and fungi spores. The only spider I really fear is the Brown Recluse. Little birds keep our porch clear of spiders. Carolyn wasn’t going to allow the rats to whip her; she kept planting different types of daffodils until she found some they didn’t dig. We still cannot have my favorite flower, the iris. My neighbors have them and I even “borrowed” some of their bulbs but the rascals still eat ours and don’t bother anyone else’s.
      Thanks, Tammy.

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