Rampant Republicanism and Dismemberment of the American Constitution

Following is an excerpt from the blog of Robert Reich; dated 02/17/11:

The Distortion of the Constitution

The third part of the Republican strategy is being played out in the Supreme Court. It has politicized the Court more than at any time in recent memory.

Last year a majority of the justices determined that corporations have a right under the First Amendment to provide unlimited amounts of money to political candidates. Citizens United vs. the Federal Election Commission is among the most patently political and legally grotesque decisions of our highest court – ranking right up there with Bush vs. Gore and Dred Scott.

Among those who voted in the affirmative were Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia. Both have become active strategists in the Republican party.

A month ago, for example, Antonin Scalia met in a closed-door session with Michele Bachman’s Tea Party caucus – something no justice concerned about maintaining the appearance of impartiality would ever have done.

Both Thomas and Scalia have participated in political retreats organized and hosted by multi-billionaire financier Charles Koch, a major contributor to the Tea Party and other conservative organizations, and a crusader for ending all limits on money in politics. (Not incidentally, Thomas’s wife is the founder of Liberty Central, a Tea Party organization that has been receiving unlimited corporate contributions due to the Citizens United decision. On his obligatory financial disclosure filings, Thomas has repeatedly failed to list her sources of income over the last twenty years, nor even to include his own four-day retreats courtesy of Charles Koch.)

Some time this year or next, the Supreme Court will be asked to consider whether the nation’s new healthcare law is constitutional. Watch your wallets.


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  1. I am glad your sabbatical did not last long. Thomas and Scalia seem to be treading on thin ice. Not partial at all in my opinion. I guess it makes sense corporations can contribute to campaigns since they have been given the same rights as individuals already. An absolute sham and shame. Charles Koch and his brother are very big in the Republinazi right. Reading about the Koch brothers political adventures is fairly scary. They are one reason we need unions.

    • Corporate free speech and rights to contribute like an ordinary citizen don’t seem to fit anywhere in my copy of the Constitution. Unions can no longer come up with the PAC money like the corporationd can, so look for them to weaken into eunuchs over the nest few years.

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