Chapel of love …

Rocky Top encore

A Flickr contact sent me a message via FB saying she had just shot her first wedding and wanted me to critique her photos. Normally, I would be the last person in the world to ask about wedding photography as I have never formally done wedding shoots. But I looked at the ones she has on Flickr and told her what I thought she could do to improve herself in the genre. Basically she needs some more lighting equipment and plenty of practice. She already shoots in RAW and should learn to use a good developer for her images. Her compositional technique seems to be very good; but light, white balance, shadows, and focus depth need work. She will post more photos when she gets permission from the happy couple. I am trying to get her to join us on Megashot where she can learn much quicker but, like some other folks, she thinks the site is for professionals.
Please take a look at this blog.
Have a clean worshday!

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  1. I checked out the musings of the tagged blog site. Good points made for certain. The wedding photos were nice but a bit boring I think. It seems that when a photo is taken in an “artsy” way of a wedding material it only really has meaning to the couple married. just my opinion. How is your reading coming along? feeling decently these days? Still thinking of moving ? Our weather is extremely warm but I’m still locked indoors to avoid the heavy scum of yellow pine pollen. Need a good rain to wash it all away. Be well.

  2. The biggest reason, other than my shyness, that I never did try to shoot weddings is because it is so personal to the bride and groom. They want everything to be perfect like they see in wedding ads. A person with a DSLR and a flash cannot do those things. Most formal wedding photos are of the cookie-cutter type and that leads to boring.
    I am about finished with Jola’s book, and have begun reading your duck book; I believe it will be refreshing, especially after we get out of the house and into the outside pens and barn. Yep, we will probably have to move but are putting it off as long as possible. Carolyn is selling some furniture and packing some stuff in boxes for when the day comes. It is 70° here today and I am heading back to the porch; the cardinals are singing, the robins are fighting, and the squirrels are eating and acting squirrely. Not a lot of pollen yet, but we are still in a drought situation; we badly need a few days of rain.
    Thanks, Tammy.

  3. Excellent video!

  4. Wish you felt like dancing like you did the last time I posted it. 🙂
    Thanks, Jola.

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