Condos to the east of me

I managed to get a few minutes of porch sitting in yesterday; temps were mild and the sun was warm but a westerly breeze made extended enjoyment impossible. The photo scene is one reason I no longer mind moving from this location; five years ago this easterly view was all pasture for cows and horses, groundhogs and rabbits. The field and clump of trees directly behind our house will probably be next to succumb to the developer’s mechanical destroyers. The island of trees shelters an old shed beneath which the groundhog has a home. The tiny tangle of trees and vines is also a daytime bedding spot for deer and we have seen many rabbit families come and go over the years. It was once our paradise. I have allowed the possum grape vines to do their thing and fill the trees with their sheltering tangles. The fence row along our back yard has also become a part of nature, offering quick and plentiful shelter to the small birds and critters that use the feeders and bird baths. When spring leaves begin to appear, the view of the field gradually becomes cloaked to our view from the porch, as does much of the southerly mountain tops. Thankfully, it also blinds us to the new condos, some of which are still under construction.
Have a Thursday, my friends.

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  1. I think it’s still your paradise. It’s lovely place where you live, my friend. Maybe it’s good to have new neighbors, though my new neighbors live in 15-storey building. πŸ˜‰ Hope birds and other critters still like your housing estate, and hope it’s still a part of nature.

  2. The birds and critters are sunny day friends as long as I feed them. I barely know any of my neighbors. Mouse lives down the street; I’ve know him for 38 years. The people who live in the house just north of me I know very little about except the woman is a nurse, and on the other side of me lives a gay couple. Like the man said in the video, people don’t have friends in the neighborhood anymore.
    Thanks, Jola. πŸ™‚

  3. I bet the animals love what you have saved for them.

    What are neighbors?

    • Neighbors are fat people who walk tiny dogs up and down the street and allow their dogs to use my yard as a bathroom.
      Neighbors are people who allow their cats to roam the neighborhood killing squirrels, chipmunks, and birds and when their cats go missing, they stick signs up all over the place saying “Have you seen this cat?”

  4. Priceless Ken. LOL.

    • Tain’t no wonder my neighbors don’t like me! πŸ™‚

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