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More robins in the area surrounding our house this morning; an automatic high for me. Shouldn’t be too long until the gold finches return and begin their spring color change. I love finches and siskins; they are so sociable. Small flocks of them perch in trees around the yard and twitter gossip amongst themselves; when I’m in the yard, I always have a feeling they are talking about me. Blue jays also talk with each other, and a time or two I have been the victim of their derisive catcalls.
My first high school principal has died; Hoyle Bingham, age 84, of Johnson City passed away Sunday. He was a good man with piercing eyes, straight, black hair, and much common sense. For the years he was in charge of Jonesboro High School, I managed to stay under his radar and away from his punishment. I have fond memories of him although I detested my boring High School years. He was also voluntarily in charge of maintenance on a seven mile stretch of the Appalachian Trail and founder of the Mid Appalachian Hiking Club.

If you watch and listen to the above video, you will know more about me than I will ever express with my own words. My everyday speech is very similar in all ways to that of the gentleman whom opens this video.

Have a twitterful Tuesday, my dear ones.

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  1. I think such local language is v. interesting. I like that all these people respect their emigrant roots, however I’m afraid that your everyday speech wouldn’t be clear for me, my friend. Anyway, I like this video.
    High school … is it a grammar school? If it is I have to admit that my high school years (4 years) were boring too.
    I hope there are also twittering sparrows in your yard. 🙂

    • Hillbilly, like most dialects, can only be well understood if you use it and hear it for many years. Like the man in the video, I always talk too fast which makes understanding even more difficult.
      Yup; high school is the last four years of the normal 12 years of schooling each state provides.
      I have little brown sparrows and European sparrows year-round; they shall soon begin their amorous ways and be calling and singing. The song sparrow has a beautiful tune.
      Thanks, my friend. 🙂

  2. Hm … I read the obituary. Condolences which may be sent online … Interesting! A habit rather unknown in my country.

    • At times it is useful when distance or health prevents one from calling on the grieving family, but many people use it just so they can do something else more important than being there in person.

  3. Do you “cut on the lights”? That one just kills me.

    Warm weather is here, too stay.

    Your principal was young when he had that job.

    • “Cut on the lights” is still in common usage and I still say it as much as “turn on the lights”. When you don’t pay yer ‘lectric bill, “they cut off the lights”.

      I’m afraid this year may be like 2007: warmed up early, flowers bloomed, and trees began producing fruit. Then the worst cold spell of the winter hit in mid-April with zero temps at night with highs in the teens for several days. Nearly all the W.N.C. apple producers lost their crops and home gardens were ruined. I will post a pic if I can find one.

      Mr, Bingham was probably between 30-35 yrs. old when I first knew him. He had an aloofness about him which many people didn’t like, but once you talked with him away from other folk, he was as common as the rest of us.

      Thanks, Mark.

  4. I liked this video. My Uncle Paul who lives in the Mountains of Missouri speaks like this. what is more interesting when he writes me an annual letter he actually writes this way as well …. (yer, and Unkle Paul). It is so charming and I save all his letters to cherish. He doesn’t have much at all but is so giving all the same. Lovely people. He has a beard down to the middle of his chest too and wears his overalls until they wear out and my Aunt sews patchees in them to last longer. I love that the birds in your yard can make you feel better. IT is the simplest of things to bring our heart peace isn’t it? I can’t recall any of my teachers from school. rainy today. Hopefully some of the pollen will get knocked off the trees and give me some relief. I seem to have a lot of titmouse around lately. I like them a bunch. Baby cardinals and fat doves too.

  5. When I was doing my genealogical research, I found that many of the Ozark settlers migrated from hills of Appalachia to Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. I suppose your uncle is a descendant of these same folk. People like him and the ones in the video are becoming rare, being replaced by a new mix of dialects which sounds more “old south” rather than hillbilly; the song is gone.
    I will be doing some porch setting before this week is over, and hope to hear some songs and calls. You have baby cardinals already? Lucky girl! It will be late May or early June before they come off the nest around here.
    Thanks, Tammy.

  6. I wish I heard people talk like that more. Half the time when I get phone calls it is from people who talk what I term as “mush mouth southern”. You can not understand a darn thing and it is all mush and marble mouth like.

    That first dude in the video is the famous moonshiner “Popcorn Sutton”. A true classic.

    • I hate the southern celebrities who make themselves sound like complete idiots by faking much of their “charm”. Paula Deen on the Food Channel is one such.
      I’d like to hear a conversation between Popcorn Sutton and Junior Johnson.

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