It feels Springy!

Horny, hungry Tufted Titmouse

Seeing robins in our and neighborhood yards everyday. Temps this week supposed to go into 60s (+15.5c). I now feel well enough for Carolyn and I to drive around a bit and look at some house rental possibilities.

We looked at a few places but nothing exciting; we may have to go the apartment route. The only thing about apartments is most these days are on two levels and that means many steps and I don’t know how much more knee-wear I can stand. I am not in a hurry to move, but Carolyn wants to get it over with. I would rather look around for something that comes closest to satisfying our needs.

Man, it is pleasant shirt-sleeve weather outdoors; nearly 60°. The tit in the pic was peter-peter-petering as I got out of the car back at home. Between calling for a mate and eating my sunflower seeds, his day seemed complete. There were females around but were paying him no attention. There was a buck and two does in the field behind the house, and the groundhog is still with us. He or she is still using the same den from when we moved here 16 years ago except one year she had to move out while a fox and her kits temporarily took up squatter’s rights in the shed over her head.

Have a good worsh day, my friends!

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  1. Impatient boy! I hope Pentax is in your hands (or Droid). Really lovely weather in E. Tenn. Temps in Warsaw are very law; – 10C. Brrrrrrrrrrr! Fortunately, antibiotics helped and my bladder is healthy.
    Hugs. 🙂

    • I may have pushed my luck a bit by getting out today; but weather like this is hard to resist; the sun felt very good on my back. Medically, I think your winter has been worse than mine. Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. Hope you can find an apartment on the ground floor with no loud neighbors, a nice patch of woods to see the birds, and a smaller pile to worry over. Will the children go with you? or are they turned out to make their own way? The weather is warmer here but I can’t open the windows. The yellow pine pollen is like Agent Yellow on my person. I have to watch the weather warming from the confines of the closed up house. Only a few weeks and It will be gone. A sure sign that spring wants to arrive is by the animal activity hey? I haven’t seen the robins for quite some time now. Hope you are feeling a bit better.

    • We will find something suitable; I can live about anywhere. One of the kids will tag along and that is making it more difficult to find suitable and affordable. Before we moved here, we lived in a leaky trailer in a yellow pine forest. Some mornings in early spring when the breeze came up, visibility was 10′ to 20′ at best and with a trailer, there is always some to find its way inside. My eyes water just thinking about it. Where we are now, it is mostly red maple, oak, and poplar, but it can be thick also. Critters are supposed to be all instinct, but I think even the little birds enjoy life. Thanks, Tammy.

  3. I would wait until the schools are out and then more rentals come on the market.

    Lovely here today.

    Glad you are feeling better.

    • Good thinking on the schools.

      Thanks, Mark.

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