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Not a heck of a lot going on today. I finished reading the story The Birch Grove and it has turned out to be one of the better short stories I’ve read. The story is about estranged brothers, Stanislaw (Stas) and Boleslaw and takes place in the forests of Poland between the World Wars. Stas could be described as a gad-about, a jet-setter of his era. Much traveled over Europe, he is well educated and used to a good life totally different from his brother’s, who is a woodsman and a forestry supervisor. Stanislaw is just out of a sanatorium, and is suffering from a terminal disease, most likely cancer; he is still healthy enough to live more or less normally. He has come home to be near family when his time comes. But wait! Soon there’s a woman involved! You will have to read the story to find out more; it is well worth it. Thanks, Jola.
Another huge piece of life’s puzzle fell into place last night. Carolyn phoned from work and told me the church she has been cleaning for five years didn’t want her back; it was her most profitable job. Seems like they lost a lot of membership and had to find someone who would do the job much cheaper than Carolyn. For some months we have been planning on leaving our house of 16 years and finding something to rent which is a lot easier on our budget. This has put us on the fast track and we now need to be out of here as soon as warm weather comes instead of September as has been planned; I did want to have one more season of porch sitting but as of now it seems impossible. I hope whomever ends up with the house loves critters; I will leave a bird feeder hanging to give them a hint.
Wednesday already?! Have a good one!

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  1. I wish I lived closer so I could help you.

    • Thanks very much, Tammy.
      I have mixed feelings about it all; there is still a slim possibility we can hold out until autumn when Carolyn turns 65 and enrolls in Medicare. After that, we can both relax a bit and try to enjoy some of our retirement.

  2. Bad news! I’m sorry that Carolyn lost her best customer. I didn’t realize that you’re planning to leave your house in JC. Is it really necessary, my friend? Both you and Carolyn love this house. I think you all (JJ, Chris, Ashley) should unite and protect your family property. It’s the best solution, I think.
    I’m glad that you like this prose. Stanisław (Staś) suffered an illness which is called tuberculosis. It was wide spread sickness in Europe (and in Poland) in 19th and 20th century (until 50’s).
    Tammy’s words are so nice. Be well, my friends.

    • None of our children were raised in this house, so they have little interest in keeping it. You are correct about it being the best solution but none of them have the means of helping Carolyn and me. Jerry is the only one with a steady job, and he and his wife have a good place of their own in the mountains.
      I thought of tuberculosis (TB) for Stas, but his symptoms and conditions fooled me. If I think of it tomorrow, I will tell you why in my blog.

      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  3. The photo is amazing; beautiful.

    • Thanks, my friend. 🙂

  4. Rent the house out to college students. You can make a killing in rent and they may not trash the house.

    You will need to have a porch or something so you can go outside. I do not think you will like an apt. unfortunately.

    Keeping my fingers crossed something better happens and you can stay in your house.

    • We thought about renting it to college kids, but $1,000 month is max we could get; it is a renters market right now. The $1k would cover the mortgage but not the second mortgage, taxes, insurance, etc. We should be able to find a decent small house in the $600 to $700 range. Maybe I can kidnap a squirrel to take with me.

  5. Of course I am not sure hoe the college rental market works these days. But if you could rent it out per person instead of per month then you could get more. I know in a few places i lived in New Haven each renter had a lease. Since most of that is paid by student loans or whatever they do not care as much. Charge 5 bills each a month for 4 people include full cable and internet. Maybe that route could work.

    • I think it pretty well works the same, but it won’t make any difference come September when Carolyn cuts back her work; her health isn’t good and the hassle is getting too much for her. The house isn’t a big deal for us but it has been here for the kids when they needed it. I’ve been wanting to move out for the past eight years.

      Thanks, my friend.

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