Another winter Saturday


Internet Explorer 9 will soon be released to public in final format; Google just came out with v. 9 of their Chrome browser which is based on their Chromium browser for Linux. FireFox 4 is still in Beta and is still not as fast as IE9 or Chrome 9 which are the fastest browsers I’ve ever used; I am writing this blog on the latest Firefox Beta. It seems stable so far, but I haven’t tried it on any really “secure” sites like banks, etc. Some of my plugins do not work with the new FireFox, one being my Google Translator.
Hope you enjoy the new Megashot videos; Maggie has a couple of photos included and I have one. Results videos for contest levels one and two will be out soon.
Today began with partly sunny skies and I had hopes of getting out for some shooting, but now the light is foundering under a ceiling of heavy grayness.
For $5 I purchased the Kindle version of Stieg Larssons first sequel to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo; its title is The Girl Who Played With Fire. Reviews have it as being better than the first book. I will begin reading it sometime after I read and absorb Jola’s superb The Birch Grove story. The author, Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz, is definitely not predictable in his writing.
I did Chris’s taxes last evening and have another person’s to do today. Fortunately they are simple EZ forms … if anything to do with the U.S. tax code can be considered simple.

Thanks to Kevin for the music via Twitter.

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  1. What a lovely music, Ken!
    $5 – rather cheap! Last time I wanted to buy “The Magic Mountain” by Thomas Mann. The price of this book (really lovely edited) was – 65 PLN ($23). I had to resign of buying it.
    Stieg Larssons … hm … I’ll ask my daughter for this writer. I don’t know him. Please, my friend, remember about last story by Iwaszkiewicz; “The Mill on the River Utrata”. It’s the most dramatic story of this collection, and maybe the most beautiful.

  2. Don’t worry; I’ve already read the entire “Birch Grove” book. The first two stories have been read three times and I am on my third reading of “The Birch Grove”. Iwaszkiewicz is a superb writer and “The Mill on the River Utrata” will be a very good story when I get my second reading done. I will not set the book aside to read something else.

    Ummm; “The Magic Mountain” by Thomas Mann. Polish language edition? 🙂

  3. Yes, Polish language edition, and really excellent translation. 😦
    Have lovely Sunday!

  4. Have not changed my browser. Maybe I’ll go to Chrome when I do.

    I’ll check out Birch Grove. Looks like it is not on Kindle yey.

    • IE 9 seems to be as fast and secure as any of them right now. Chrome layout is difficult for me to get used to.

      I thought it was on Kindle; it takes forever for publishers to make relatively obscure books available in US for e-readers. Many of my old favorites still cannot be had.

      Thanks, Mark.

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