Millie's nemesis


The hawk which is seen grocery shopping at Tammy’s house is a red shouldered hawk. Little Millie the squirrel is wise to come inside. Thanks for the pics, Tammy. BTW: That is a fine watering trough you have for your critters.

I had a stupendous blog planned for today, but I don’t have time to finish it. I had to go to Social Security office with Carolyn, got my shot which I was late getting … again, and we have to go back out to post office and two banks. I am also cleared by S.S. to go to work for Carolyn’s company; hope I can get one of those Golden Parachute deals from her. Juggling money from one bank to the next and then back again–if any is left–should be considered an art form or maybe an Olympic sport. Carolyn’s last surviving close relative other than a couple of first cousins, is apparently dieing. Her uncle is 92 years old and has advanced Alzheimer’s.

Seems like democracy is trying to break out in the mid-east and the U.S. didn’t have to start a war for it to happen … Imagine …

Have a thoughtful Thursday, my friends.

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  1. How much did you have to doctor these photos? They look better than when I took them! Millie is smart enough to avoid the pool although one morning we did have a little dead rat at the bottom of it and I’ve seen the cat fall in a time or two. I actually threw my old cat Barney in it once in a fit of rage when he deliberately peed on my bookshelf. Hope your day goes smooth. It sounds like you have many things to do today and we will look foward to your blog when you have time. I’m off to CT tomorrow a.m. so I’ll be gone until Monday. Have a good weekend friends. stay warm.

    • Didn’t have to do too much to them; mostly cropped them and adjusted the contrast. Poor Barney! Be careful on your journey and still have fun.
      Thanks, Tammy.

  2. A photo story! Hawk is beautiful. It’s not easy to make such photo. This is intelligent and watchful bird. Millie is sweet. I can imagine how much scared was her small heart.
    The vice-president of Egypt claims that there are riots in Cairo because young Egyptians are under bad impact of the foreigners. Ridiculous theory. It’s obvious that young Egyptians protest against poverty in their country, unemployment and corruption.
    What about e-bank account, Ken? It’s very convenient, I think.
    My hugs for all of you, my American friends. 🙂

  3. BTW: very good prepared news about Egyptian events in CNN TV. I watch it every evening.

    • I’ve been keeping up with it on the internet and CNN on the Droid.

  4. Nice pics Tammy.

    I am hopeful for the young Egyptians. With half the population 24 and under they can create the country they want if they do things right. Power to the people.

    The news coverage on CNN has been very good. This is when they are at their best.
    I wish we could see Al-Jazeera here so we could get more perspective.

    I hope you get a golden parachute. Hopefully she does not give you a write up for some verbal transgression.

    • I hope the Egyptians anger doesn’t overcome common sense but in times of revolution, many bad things are going to come about.

      I haven’t seen one minute of coverage on CNN; every time I try to watch something there they end up “analyzing” it to shreds.

      She is at my mercy!

      Thanks, Mark.

  5. Jola your sweet pure soul is too good for these tarnished jaded american people. That hawk was more intent on doves than squirrels this day but stayed put long enough for me to to creep out and take her photo. Her talons dug into my screen enclosure.

    • Thanks for your clarification, Tammy. American people are good. You have so much of joy in your hearts. I like it.
      Have lovely weekend dear friend. 🙂

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