Dumbed weekend


I am and I feel very distracted this weekend; as if nothing will hold still long enough for my mind to focus on it; probably tax burnout syndrome.
In a few minutes, I shall abandon the PC for the porch where my bride will give me a haircut; my last one was in late summer or early autumn. She is a dangerous woman when she has sharply-pointed scissors in her grasp.
I have it bad! I even dreamed about robins last night! I dreamed I was out shooting and came upon a huge puddle that had robins bathing and there were many ring billed sea gulls around! The temps were very mild yesterday and promise to be better today; of course I was stuck inside doing more year-end taxes and will have to do more today; they must be sent to their respective destinations before Tuesday!
Being out shooting is becoming only a dream. In just a year it has gone from three-to-four-times each week downward to none since late October. The knee has forced me to stay home so much that now I don’t look forward to getting out. I hope a dose of warm spring will cure that malady.
Today on TV, I plan to watch the Lady Vols play a good Arkansas team; I am torn between watching the game and getting out shooting. I still need to stay here where I can get some work done, as does Carolyn.
At 2:00 this morning I finished reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. As do most mystery thrillers, the book deals with sex and murder. It is a long tome and could easily have been divided into two novels as their are two separate story lines and two protagonists, although these two characters intertwine their lives to solve a mystery. If you ask, I will tell you all I know about the mystery except I will not tell how Harriet Vanger died and how her brother, Martin, died; you must find that on your own. One important clue told at the beginning of the mystery solving is ignored throughout the book and is mentioned again only in passing after the fact. This is poor plotting on the part of the author because he goes into needless detail about other things while ignoring the obvious; he and the reader would have been better served if he had never mentioned it. Hint: flowers.
Have a nice week, my friends.

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  1. Carolyn cutting your hair; my God, it would be so wonderful photo, as wonderful as the photo of robins bathing in a huge puddle. I wish I could be on your porch with my camera at that moment. As for taxes ‘must’ is ‘must’, so please finish this work, stay at home with your bride and watch the game. 🙂

    • Carolyn’s hair cutting is like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates; I never know what I’m going to get.
      I am now able to relax a bit on the taxes. Personal taxes are all that is left. 🙂

  2. And please post the photo of Daisy on Flickr!

    • The photo is now on Flickr. 🙂

  3. I’m sorry to tell you but yesterday a.m. I woke up, walked out side, and stood with a grin across my face… there were all your robins singing and socializing in my back yard trees on a beautiful warm Florida morning. I scolded them a bit and told them how much you needed them. Only a few had the decency of looking guilty. Soon… they will be home soon… Hope your hair cut came out well. I’m going to read that book next, The Girl w/ the Dragon Tattoo. If you can get the book Enslaved By Ducks it is pretty funny. The writing style reminds me of you and you could have easily written it. Looks like Mark is expanding his house search. The last photos he sent to me made me think he is getting closer to his dream home. Mike is giving my sewing machine a maintenance oiling. I hear the work “bastards” and “sons of whores” a lot right now. I wonder why there needs to be 18 different screw sizes for 1 machine.
    Be well on this Sunday. off to make supper….

    • Your scolding the robins yesterday morning must have done the trick; apparently some of them caught a quick Delta flight to here. No hair cut; may as well wait ’til spring bath time. I just checked; Amazon has Enslaved By Ducks for Kindle. I will get it after I finish absorbing The Birch Grove which is a fascinating group of stories. I like the house that Mark likes. I suppose Mike has found out why sewing machine repairmen are so eccentric and make good money.

  4. I suspect your day was like mine. Really really nice. House opened up. Driving with the windows down. 67 degrees.

    I bought Anaheim pepper, mammoth dill, blue lake bean and Russell Lupine seeds today at a local store. Had a gift certificate for that purchase. Those goe along with the mixed pepper seed I have and the Nasturium Empress, Cinnamon or Mexican Basil and Pepperone seeds that I got as a gift from Tammy. Its a start.

    • It was only 61° here yesterday and i was only outside the house for a couple minutes. I should not have put off all this work until the last minute, but Carolyn did not buy the needed forms until Saturday.
      Man, you are ready to become Joe Gardener! This house–whichever one–is going to be so good for you. This is going to be a great experience for all of us.

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