Chicken and other critters

Unliveable due to asbestos siding.

Carolyn made me eat chicken for supper last evening and my stomach has been unsettled since. I don’t think it was the food but more likely a tummy virus. Anyway, it set in at the right time so I could blame the chicken.
R.A. doc says I need to get the knee replaced and I agree; if I don’t, I will be in a wheelchair within months. I suppose I should do some shopping for suitable wheels.
This is our second straight day of sunshine, but the air is not very warm. Still another month before I begin to look for any moderation. The robins arrived early last year but the spring was cool and short; maybe this year they will return early and bring lasting warm weather with them.
I was down to the bird feeders yesterday and saw many critter tracks. The snow was displaying prints of rabbits, many small birds, ubiquitous squirrels, deer, and one set I had previously not seen there; wild turkey. When deer finally settle into suburbia, wild turkey soon follow.
Have a super weekend, dear ones.

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  1. Bad news, dear friend. What is your choice? If it’s still possible, I think the surgery seems to be a good solution.
    I like the colours of your photo “Blue house’. I also remember your photo of wild turkey. It’s beautiful bird.
    Super weekend to you too!

  2. My choice is a new knee, but other considerations will most likely mean a wheelchair; at least on the days when I am at my worst pain.
    I like the springtime green in the photo. 🙂
    Thanks, my friend.

  3. The knee replacement is the way too go. Recovery will be a bitch. My mom had a knee replaced 1 1/2 ago. She is happy she did it although I think she expected more. But she ain’t a kid so I think maybe her expectations were a little high.

    Y’all have been getting a lot of snow. I figure there is one more good one before the turn to spring.

    • I had my left knee replaced in 2001, but it never healed properly. At that, it is much better than it was.

      We usually have our biggest snows from mid-Feb. thru April. I’ve seen snow in May a couple of times.

      Thanks, Mark.

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