Cold and cooking


Still snowing and the wind is like a saw blade against the skin! Carolyn went out to work last evening, got caught in a whiteout and blamed it on me. God must have closed up shop for the night so I was second in line for her fury. I looked out the window of our office and proclaimed in my deep, deity voice, “Peace; be still!” and in just a few minutes the snow stopped. Sometimes I amaze myself.
Do you like coffee and biscuits? I do, since I was a very small boy. Take a couple of homemade biscuits, split them in half, pour some hot coffee into a plate, place the biscuits crust upward in the coffee, and as the bread sponges the coffee, pour more coffee over them. When they have soaked all the liquid they can hold, sprinkle on sugar and have at ’em. Poor man’s donuts. Canned biscuits (bachelor biscuits) don’t work so well, and I haven’t tried the Pillsbury frozen variety, but they should be pretty good.
I wish the Luck’s company would resume cooking and canning October beans; they are much better tasting than pinto beans. Octobers are also called shelly beans or cranberry beans. They are the only variety of brown beans fit to eat with a common biscuit or cornbread, and Carolyn cooks them at least three times each month. They are best when cooked with a piece of streaked meat (pork belly that has too much fat for regular bacon). When I was growing up, we had them several times each week; in fact, Octobers and potatoes were the staples of our diet.
May your Wednesday whatabouts be productive!


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  1. ‘October beans’; it sounds nicely. We cook beans in French way with tomato sauce and pieces of sausage.
    Coffee and biscuits in one plate? Well, I have never eaten it. It’s interesting.
    I hope Carolyn knows about your magical skills, my friend. šŸ™‚
    I love your photo. Perfect!

    • October beans are mostly cooked in the hills of southern Appalachia; North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, & etc. I fear they are a variety that will be forgotten in another generation. They were mostly grown in backdoor gardens, but vegetable gardens are also becoming just a memory. Octobers are also good as green beans. The coffee and biscuits taste much like a sugar-glazed donut. Lots of delicious calories and carbohydrates. This is an old photo that I reworked in SilkyPix and I think it came out very well. There is a larger copy on Megashot, but no one there cares for it: Thanks, my friend. šŸ™‚

  2. Never heard of coffee & biscuits on the same plate. Sounds like good hangover food to me. Mike puts peanut butter on toast and covers it with syrup which I think is pretty gross. He calls it “college waffles.” Not sure about the October beans either. I may have seen them but not known what they were. There are soooo many varieties of beans out there. Some of the heritage seeds have actually become extinct or very difficult to find. This is a curious old shack. I’ll bet the floor inside is not level! Stopping the snow is quite a bit of magic indeed. We shall call you Merlin from now on.
    Saturday in PA the snow came down the entire day long. My brother was so excited to see it as he never had seen snow. He didn’t realize how cold it was. We romped and threw snowballs at each other which was the best part of my trip. stay warm dear friend.

    • Good hangover food for sure; I’ve never had the dry heaves from looking at a biscuit or coffee. If I think of it tomorrow, I will explain my favorite snack sandwich. Mikes college waffles sounds pretty darn good. Here is a picof mature October beans still in the shell and here are the shelled onesready for cooking. Their cooked color is a bout the same as pintos, but they have a milder taste and better soup; we call therm soup beans. My aunt, her husband, and their kids used to live in this old rental house in the early 1950s; I stayed overnight here many times. It is disconcerting to see it in such shape. I bet the snow was much fun, especially for a newbie. Right now, I am a bit envious of people who have never seen snow. Thanks, my friend.

      • Sorry the pics link don’t show.


  3. I never had heard of the coffee and biscuit combo. Sounds like stoner food.

    I want a garden to grow beans and peppers.

    I like the picture.

    • It may have been stoner food of the day. My grandpa turned me on to it.
      If were able, I would have a small garden.
      Thanks, Mark.

  4. you are so thoughtful to show me photos of these beans. I’ve seen them in my seed catalogs but never planted them. I’ve gotten my seeds already for the spring planting and in a few weeks I’ll start some of my peppers and herbs indoors under my heat lamps. I planted fava beans last year but apparently they don’t do so well in temps over 80 degrees and become sterile. So I had these big bushy beautiful bean plans w/o any flowers or beans. So much for Florida beans. I do love pintos and cook them in my clay bean pot w/ hamhocks from my farmer. They go good with everything I think and are very cheap food. I’d like to spend time w/ Carolyn and have her teach me how to cook some of these things.

  5. Too bad about the favas; I’ve never knowingly eaten them; what are they like?
    If you ever see the Octobers in a store, you should try them. Maybe Mark can bring you some down from Carolina. Carolyn is wanting a cast iron pot to cook beans in but I can’t see $90 for a bean pot. I imagine she will soon get one anyway.

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