Tennessee calling

We finally got to talk with Keegan for a few minutes yesterday via telephone. He was preparing to leave for Guam today, and by the time difference, he should be there and sound asleep as I write this. He is ok and will be training at Andersen Air Force Base for a few weeks, then it will be back to Japan and then on to the Middle East.
Speaking of telephones, we had our landline disconnected as of 8:00am today. Our internet is still provided by the phone company, but we will be using cellular for most of our voice communications. I need to purchase a decent headset so I can use Skype and Google Voice. As long as I don’t have to hear people and I can do all the talking, it will work out just fine.
Yesterday we got up to one of the prettiest snows I’ve seen in years; it was less than 3″ (7.6cm) but was stuck to the trees and everything else. This morning it is again snowing but so far we have only about an inch (2.5cm) yet it comes down steadily.
Shot day!

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  1. It’s lovely video. I don’t understand the words of this song, but I love this world. These musicians sitting on the porch and dancing people are charming. I think I didn’t know such America. πŸ™‚
    Lovely that you talked to Keegan, my friend. I don’t know Google Voice, I know Skype, and it’s really fantastic thing. You can speak here, write and send the photos. When my daughter is abroad (or my husband) we talk every day, sometimes even one hour or two. Of course she is travelling with her laptop.
    In Poland the temperature suddenly increased. Now is +9C. It’s amazing in January!

    • Hi Jola, That makes an even two of us who don’t understand the words to the song. These people–Cajuns–have a unique dialect and history . This video shows how country life was and still is in a lot of the rural southern U.S. I use Skype for instant messaging on Megashot; that is how I get my links to Cyrus’s videos before they are released to public. It is still snowing here and coming down much harder; the next five or six days are going to be interesting in E. Tenn. Glad you are having a bit of relief from the chill. Thanks, my friend. πŸ™‚

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