The BossMark (future President Sevigny) says that one way to relieve the high unemployment is to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure; bridges, highways, electrical grid, etc. I agree with him that it would bolster the workforce and it would also enhance our national security; we do not need a systems breakdown during a crisis. How much this would help the unemployment picture I do not know, however, I doubt it would drop the unemployment rate by more than one-percent. I think the best way to get the employment rate in a manageable position is to begin bringing our exported manufacturing strength back home. If I were president, the first thing I would do, after my hangover is just a memory, is put all the trade agreements with every foreign country on the table for close inspection. The first thing that would come of that is the nations whom are the most lopsided beneficiaries of our bad trade policies would immediately squall the loudest. I am not saying that we should throw the agreements out the window, but that we should make sure they are fair; at present, free trade and fair trade do not walk hand-in-hand. We should begin getting the inequalities ironed out by making sure we are not our own worst enemy, and the North American Free Trade Agreement would be the first one scrutinized. I have not one iota of animosity toward other governments for taking advantage of what we give them, but we must make sure that we don’t give away our best interests by allowing our own capitalists to become greedily richer at the expense of our domestic prices increasing as decent jobs leave our shores and borders and more citizens falling into poverty. When other nations and our own corporations see that the American people are speaking through their representative government instead of the those nations and corporations using our government as a puppet, we should be able to compete using our own manufacturing ability. My proposal is not a quick fix nor the only thing that needs to be done but it is a good place to start.
The weather has been fair for a few days, and it has helped me cope with the physical and mental problems I have with winter. That is about to change as THEY say it is going to get nasty and cold once again beginning Thursday.
Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Ken, I think you would be a good economy adviser to the President.
    I wish the weather in E. Tenn. was still fair.
    Thanks for the video; v. nice!

    • Hi Jola, It seems all the government wants from common folk like me is to pay taxes and stay in debt; if one is not a doctor of some kind of philosophy, he is considered as completely ignorant and incompetent. Spring is getting closer everyday and I am digging out old warm weather photos to brighten the gloom of cold and gray. Thanks, my friend. 🙂

  2. This woodpecker would have been a good choice for megashots “Red” competition too you know. Your cardinal was the best shot in the bunch I say. I have seen robins in the ‘hood and keep fresh water available at all times in case they need to freshen up. I do think of you when I see them and hear their happy singing.
    I’ve been thinking about the health care system offered by our country and have come to this thus far. It is broken yes indeed but my father is holed up in a hospital and has been since Dec 12. He won’t ever get out unless to go to a nursing home. He has no insurance, no equity in anything real, and no savings to pay. His SS checks have been confiscated; however, they don’t total more than $750.00/month after the government takes out the back taxes he owes. He hadn’t filed taxes for years working as a truck driver and eventually they caught up to him. Anyhow, his kids aren’t going to take him in and he has no wife (that will claim him, he’s been married 5 times) so he will spend the rest of his life in the “system.” I, for one, am glad that we have the kind of social services in this country that will keep him. I don’t know what kind of health care/social services ARE offered in other countries but I am so glad that this one has enough to keep him where he is and not push him out in the street or into my house. So for this one small favor I say thanks to uncle sam. I can appreciate how hard it is for so many balancing on the edge between purchasing meds and food and that makes me feel badly. I have no answers just ponderings inside my head like the dry leaves flitting around my back yard. I am glad to hear you are getting a bit more human.

    • Hi Tammy,

      I forgot about even having the woodpecker until I ran across the photo last evening. The contests are pretty good and I am happy to be in the top 30; thanks for your vote of confidence. The robins will begin leaving you very soon but your loss will be a huge gain for me. Even though your dad and the family must suffer through this tragedy, you are correct that the gov. and our own humanity does not allow the indigent to completely hit the ground in most cases. But even that puts more strain on an already overstressed middle-class. The system seems to be broken but is still in favor of the very poor and the very rich. Whereas I have some ideas on the economy, I have but little to offer as far as a solution goes for our woeful medical system which the new Congress is about to further rip asunder.

      Thanks, my friend.

  3. Well the first place we should start is by adding tariffs to the goods we sell to other countries. They charge us tariffs, we should charge them tariffs. If they do not like it then get rid of your tariffs and we will get rid if ours. All is fair.

    The average consumers healthcare plan is increasing 12% this year. Well the cost of goods and services did not rise 12%. Where does this number come from?

    Unfortunately corporate America runs America and the people are doomed unless we start to rise up and really speak out.

    • A thing that gets me is that some European countries–France for one–subsidize just about everything that leaves their borders, from apples to airliners and what they do not subsidize is government owned. Then they scream unfair when the U.S. subsidizes a bit of produce.
      I imagine the cost of healthcare will probably rise much more than 12% but the providers will limit benefits to to make it sound like the real impact isn’t so bad.
      America needs a revolutionary leader; would you like to be that person? Like it or not, would you be that person?
      Thanks, Mark.

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