Many Splendored Sweaters

Salt House--Jonesborough, Tennessee

A note concerning yesterday’s blog and the ’70’s duds: It is possible I may have, in a spasm of pre-disco psychopathic neurosis, walked into a Montgomery-Ward store in Parkersburg, West Virginia on a cold evening in late 1971 and purchased a belted sweater, and it may have been much like the very first one depicted in the ad. A very painful admission this is. However, I certainly did not then nor ever have I had a beautiful blond haired woman’s head on my shoulder, and I never did buy a hat just like the one Joe Fancy is wearing in said promo. Having painfully wrenched that demon from my past, I can come completely clean and say that I actually bought two of the sweaters; yes, I purchased my bride a duplicate one because she had always been into the ’60’s match-mate rage and I figured I would surprise her for Christmas which was coming up in a few weeks. Needless to say, she was definitely surprised to the point of teary insanity, letting me know that she would never wear the ugly garment and as good as her word, she never did. I wore mine only once. They both languished in the back of our closet for a few years and eventually were given to a local clothing charity; I wanted to put them in a yard sale and try to recoup a few of my dollars, but she allowed she would not be caught dead trying to sell such monstrosities; after all, she had a reputation of sensibility to uphold. I am widely renowned for not having much sense, nor did I have a lot of friends in those days, therefore my self-perceived cool reputation was not tarnished as mightily as it could have been.
I’m very happy the Christmas hoo-doo is over for a few short months but it will seem like it will begin anew in a few weeks when one of our corporate-created, semi-holiday, spring-fever events rolls around; St Valentines Day. Love is a Many Splendored Thing, they say, but no amount of chocolates or bouquets of red roses or glittering gemstones can ever take the place of a sincerely spoken “I Love You”. Just my opinion; the ladies whom receive such mass-marketed “gifts from the heart” may opine differently.
Clean up your act because it is Worsh Day!

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  1. Well, I think that this belted sweater (depicted in the ad) is … nice. Yep, it’s nice! But if you wore it only once, I suppose you didn’t like this sweater and it wasn’t comfortable. Ken, you wrote a lovely memory; so funny. 🙂
    I like American yard sale; we don’t know it in Poland. It’s good to recoup some money for the clothes we don’t need, however I always think about people who are poor, so all these things we usually give to different charity organizations; the most famous is “CARITAS”.
    I wonder what ‘hoo-doo’ means? St. Valentine is American holiday, nevertheless our young generation likes it a lot, too.
    Wonderful photo of Salt House!

    • The sweater was not comfortable, it fit too tightly and the wool made me itch. Pretty well useless for keeping warm. Yard sales are big money makers in US yet very many people give clothes and items to charity. I think the U.S. is the most charitable nation in the world, but I suppose we can afford to be. I can see it sadly changing, though. CARITAS is a fine international organization as is the United Catholic Charities and UNICEF although it has some bad karma with the Pope. Thanks, my friend 🙂

  2. We should confuse Jola with the word ho-down. That should keep her busy for a while. Your cool reputation cannot be tarnished in my eyes. You make me laugh. I wonder if you keep Carolyn laughing as well. Or is she used to your silliness. We don’t celebrate Valentines day in my house, waste of money. If you need a “hallmark” day to prove your love you are in big trouble already. Stay warm.

    • After 46.5 years, Carolyn has no sense of humor left. I think it left her right after our last child was born. About all I have found V.Day good for is some interesting stories; it is a tough event for men.
      Thanks, my friend.

  3. What a fashion statement. I wonder what we wear today will like that in 30 years.

    Jola needs to start the yard sale trend in Poland. They can be quite fun. There are always interesting things to be had.

    • Yep; Jola could sell her unwanted stuff, have fun doing it, and donate her proceeds to charity if she wants. Everyone wins.
      Thanks, my friend.

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