Friday frolics

I want to clarify something about Megashot. Many people have the impression the site is for artists only and that everyday shooters have no business there, however that is not the case by any means. Cyrus Khamak, conceived the idea for Megashot after he realized the major shortcomings of sites like Flickr, Photobucket, and others that were not doing enough to advance the skills of photographers, whether they are artists, hobbyists, or beginners. It is not an elitist photo site. Cyrus spent three years planning and developing Megashot, and had it been for artists only, I would never have been a part of it. Megashot is for anyone and everyone who loves photography and has enough desire to try to make themselves better shooters.
It has been nearly three weeks since I’ve had an RA shot; my fingers feel like sausages but are not visibly much more swollen than is usual. I cannot get another injection before Monday and it will take about two weeks for it to do its magic, therefore if I do not show up here as much as usual, I will still be thinking of you; planning and dreaming; wishing and hoping.
Jeremy has his first paying gig Sunday night and if he proves to be popular, he will likely sign with a local Atlanta booking company. Please wish him well, my friends.
How to become famous!
Have a stupendous weekend, my children.

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  1. “I will still be thinking of you; planning and dreaming; wishing and hoping.” I like this sentence because of its nice rhythm.
    These British boys singing about Lola are fantastic! I love Great Britain and London. Oh, I love the USA and my American friends too. πŸ™‚
    My congrats on Megashot, Ken. Lovely web site. Thank you for your clarification.

    • Hi Jola, I hope I won’t have to be gone from the net. Hope you can one day return to London and maybe even come US sometime. The Brits talk funny, but we here and in Canada speak good English. πŸ˜‰ There have been a lot of people thinking Megashot wasn’t for them, but if my crappy snapshots can get by on there, anyone’s photos can, too. Thanks, my friend.

  2. I even must return to London because there are things which I didn’t manage to see when I was there in summer. America fascinates me, but my journey to America would be too much expansive. Unfortunately, I’m not a rich person. 😦 As for English, I try to follow CNN News almost every day. I understand what is written (crawling signs), I don’t understand what they are talking. Americans speak so fast. Besides, in school we had a chance to hear the recordings only from England. So, I must be honest and I must say that British pronunciation is much clear for me.
    I hope you understand me my friend from beautiful E. Tenn. πŸ™‚
    Have lovely weekend!

  3. Yes, I know it would be expensive, but you are young and no one knows what the future holds; maybe someday you can visit.
    We Americans think people of other languages speak too fast; my dad said the French were very fast talkers.

    Thanks, Jola. πŸ™‚

  4. good luck Jeremy.

  5. Jeremy said “Thank you, Tammy”.

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