The family of mankind includes all creatures.

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  1. I really like this. It could be on a christmas card…. too retro?
    Lost the collards last night. The swiss chard gave up the ghost 2 nights ago. Strange to have 3 hard freezes in a row in Florida, especially this early in the year. I didn’t expect it. My carrots are holding on and I think the garlic will be just fine. Ken you should see my little Mille… She has gone from a scrawny beat-up little squirrel to a fat roly-poly with a healthy coat and a full bottle brush tail. She comes in twice a day to the porch to get her peanuts. I don’t mind as long as she doesn’t bring her friends. She takes peanuts from my hand and I wish you could see it. staying warm?

  2. I love photo and your thought. How it happened that Buddha found himself in your garden? It’s interesting!

  3. Thanks, Tammy.
    Too bad about the veggies being nipped by frost. Here, it was 1° at 8:30am today.
    Get us a pic and maybe a video of Millie; I hope she is pregnant. They usually deliver in February around here, but I had one who for years had her litter in late December. Her name was Gypsy Rose.
    I am staying warm except for my doc trip this morning.
    Keep that heat on your feet!

  4. We have two Buddhas in the garden; one mine and the other is Carolyn’s. This one is Carolyn’s; mine is fatter and prettier; much like myself.
    Thanks, Jola.

  5. That could be on a card.

    I bet a lot of people lost a bunch of veggies in Florida. Gonna raise the price of veggies and fruit.

    • The only thing I can say is that I’m plumb tickled inflation is under control and veggie prices cannot go up but just a little and only the rich will have to pay it. Gasoline has gone up $.18/gal since last week. Americans are such a happy people.

  6. I’ll work on the photo but may have to email it to you as I have no clue as to how to get it here. I didn’t think about babies but how fun. Got my heat packs on my feet.

  7. Email the photo and I will put it on the blog.
    Fun! Oh yes, baby squirrels are a delight and so are their babies … and their babies … pretty soon you will have more fun than you can stand. 🙂

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