Shaggy for Prez

Clark's Creek--another bathing spot

Friday 13th falls on Worshday this month; how lucky can we be?!
Obama seems to be saying bad legislation is better than no legislation; it’s the same old political lesser of two evils philosophy. I have a different philosophy and one the American people seem to have forgotten; let’s elect he better of two goods. Somewhere in this big nation there must be some honorable people whom are willing to try and right the ship without selling our collective souls to corporate devils. It is past time to chuck the “buy me” system of democracy and install a “what’s best for the nation and its people” government. First, the voters must be educated and at present, we do not seem willing to go to school, much less learn our lessons. Mark should be President; The honorable Mr. Shaggy! It would be a hoot.

We’ve had a couple inches of cold snow since yesterday afternoon, and every flake of it seems to have stuck. Why do I say “cold snow” when all snow is cold? I used to have to work outside in weather like we are having—sub-freezing temperatures and high winds—and snow flakes at these extremes are like frozen razor blades slashing the skin; ordinary, run-of-the-mill snow it isn’t. Supposed to be very cold for two more days and nights, and then moderate into daytime mildness which will seem like a heat wave. I have a feeling this December will be recorded as one of the coldest ever.
I hope for comfort in your heart, friend Tammy. I just read your comment on Mark’s blog and I am truly sorry for you and all the family. Peace …


Have a warm worsh day, gentle people.

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  1. If former pop music sensation Shaggy became president, he would get out of scandals merely by stating, “It wasn’t me.”

  2. Or, Scooby Doo’s Shaggy:
    Like wow! Look at all them finger prints.

    Thanks, mitchellaustinkirk.

  3. Shaggy from Scooby Doo is our Mark and I have faith in him as well. Cold here as well. I have had my butterfly hutch in the kitchen for a week now based on the cold weather. Mike thinks they would be fine outside but I have my doubts. It is late in the year for me to have monarch caterpillars and I want to give them the best shot possible to make it to Mexico when the time comes. Have 9 in the cocoon waiting to hatch and many others munching on milkweed in the warm cozy part of my kitchen. They may decide to hibernate till spring, only time will tell. I know its silly but if you can’t enjoy the small things in life what have you got?

    My family dynamics with my father are complex and heartbreaking. My brothers and I have decided not to go to the hospital to see him die. We aren’t angry at him but just tired of having the scabs ripped off. Its too strange and twisted to even try to explain. Thanks for your words of comfort. I am a bit numb this week.
    My Tia comes home tomorrow after finishing her finals today. She passed all her courses this semester at UCF and now is ready for her break. She is my future. STay warm my dear friend.

    • Good choice on Mark and the butterflies. It isn’t even calendar winter as yet.

      Family relationships are always more complicated than they appear on the surface; I’m sure you know what is best. I hope your Tia is much like you, Tammy.

      Peace …

  4. Supposed to be -20 C in Warsaw tomorrow. Brrrrr! Bathing place in your photo … ; it’s beautiful!
    So sad family matters. Tammy: hope you know the best solution. Peace our dear friend.

    • Supposed to be -12C in JC when morning comes; definitely a three dog night here and in Warsaw. Thanks on the photo. I made the shot 3.5 years ago but it never grew on me until I mirrored it. Thanks, my friend. 🙂

  5. Well I think my presidency would be quite fun. Do you think people would be pissed if I wanted to make “This Land is Your Land” the national anthem.

    I would make “the green” legal and outlaw beets.

    Say “fuck” in more than one speech.
    Keep my blog.
    Make stores close on Sundays so people have a day to screw off.
    Get rid of all the service fees and little 1/4 percent taxes and 1 cent hotel taxes and, well you get the point.
    Flat income tax. Free health care and affordable college for all.
    No more nukes. We have more than enough.
    Help poor country’s get the basic things they need for life like water, for free.
    Free Xanax.

    Hell I need to find a first lady. Nominees, please.

    The inauguration party would be one hell of a rock n roll concert.

    Tammy is the “leader” of the family so there is that extra ” “. Fill in the word that fits. Tia is just like her mom.

    Cold weather all over. Where is Al Gore, dammit.

    • You just lost my vote with the “No Beets” platform!
      Al is here.

  6. I’ll swear my service to you Mark and my country with my hand on the Farmer’s Almanac, as long as you allow belly dancing in the big house….

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