“Don’t be fooled.”

Seasons change

I agree with Mark; this “wiki-leaks” thing is fascinating. Like Chinese emperors of old, the knee jerk media which these days includes the likes of our governments, Facebook, Twitter, and others have decided it is best to kill the messenger who bears bad news instead of stopping the bad news from happening. Also, huge corporate money industries are kissing up to bad government and censoring or refusing to serve the right of the people to know; fair usage is fair only when it is in their favor. Yesterday, MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal were hit with denial of service attacks just like Wiki-leaks was previously attacked. “Freedom” is becoming less free each day we as citizens of democratic countries sit on our collective hands and do not let our “representatives” know that too much is more than enough.
My report card for lame duck President Barack Obama:

  • Economy … D
  • Health care … D-
  • Iraq … B-
  • Afghanistan … D
  • Wall Street … F
  • Taxes … F
  • North Korea … C
  • Iran … C
  • Foreign Policy … C+
  • U.S. Infrastructure … B-
  • Dealing with Congress … F
  • Overall Leadership … F

“… I want you to understand what real change is. Don’t be fooled. Real change means saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Real change isn’t about fitting the politics of the moment.”
~ Barack Obama campaigning against Hillary Clinton for the Democrat Party presidential nomination, March 1, 2008.
I cannot grade our Congress as I cannot find a rating below abysmal failure.
My blogs have been getting some hits from Nigeria; interesting. Folks, whomever you are, I am very happy to have you looking in and I hope you will make many return visits to enjoy my views of life in the USA. However, I do not know the whereabouts of Dick Cheney but if I did I would do just about anything to see that he faces due justice in your great nation. I hope you have your own version of Gitmo.
Have a Thursday, dear friends.


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  1. Let me guess – you belong to the Tea Party…

    • Bad guess; I am a lifelong FDR Liberal.
      I am grading Obama by his promises, what people actually seemed to expect, and on what he has delivered. The Tea Party sickens me. How do you see Obama’s presidency?
      Thanks for reading this post and for your comment.

      • I see someone who is at least TRYING to fulfill his promises, fighting an uphill battle all the way.

      • He had two years with his own party in control and did not try to whip them into shape. No legislation was passed that would be of immediate help for our country and very little assured help down the road.. I do agree; he has fought an uphill battle. However, I do not think he was prepared for a war with the Right.

        Maybe I am being naive, but I have been watching presidents come and go since Truman’s 1948 win. I have seen the presidency go from a sacred trust to ‘for sale to the highest bidder’. Ronald Reagan brought the first “no compromise” leadership. G.H. Bush had no leadership abilities. Clinton was charismatic enough to get by until his second term when the Right clamped down with their own “no compromise”. G,W. Bush was and is an uncaring idiot. Obama cares, but the American people wanted change and genuine leadership from the highest office in the world. Obama was so interested in getting “any” legislation passed that he failed to take control of his own party and say “no compromise”. Had he done so and taken his case before the people, he would have at least showed fortitude and leadership. Compromising with Republicans has proven to be nearly impossible; he can only be seen as selling out to the Right because when he was so willing to compromise on the first biggie, health care, they had him right where they wanted him. Now he and we must pay the price for his failures and for the even larger failures from a corporate congress. Personally, I’ve always stated that I think he is a good man, but he has allowed ‘politics as usual’ to take precedence. This past congressional election told a big part of the story when his former supporters did not bother to vote.

        You and I differ in opinions, but I think we both share concern over what our future as a nation will be. I also think it will take uncompromising leadership from another good man or woman to right the ship. I have no idea whom that good person will be.

        Again, thanks for your comments.

  2. I like a lot your comment concerning Wiki-Leaks. I hope to write about it on my blog too; maybe tomorrow.
    As for Obama, it’s interesting to know American point of view.
    Is it still cold in E. Tenn? I hope you are well dear friend. πŸ™‚

    • The wiki-leaks are out of proportion to their importance. Obama is coming close to splitting his own party. It was -11c last night,but got above freezing to day. Still too cold for me. 😦 Hope you are feeling better soon. Yep, I am ok. Thanks, Jola. πŸ™‚

      • -11C?! Oh, it’s very cold. It would be very cold even here in Warsaw, however we are rather used to severe winters.
        Please take good care of yourself. πŸ™‚

      • I don’t go out much … Thanks, my friend. πŸ™‚

  3. At this point in his administraton things are very much a failure. What the next two years will be bring should be interesting. If Barack does not do any better then I want to see somebody challenge him for the election. I think a challenger needs to wait as long as possible before running.

    We are the leaders for the left?

    • I am a bit harsh on the president, but he shows no leadership; how would he fare in difficult wartime situation?

      Tip O’Neill was the last real leader from the left; and he was weakening in his final years under Reagan’s popularity.

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