Free Willie

If Willie Nelson goes to jail for illegally possessing dope, will someone make another Free Willie movie?
A man reported that his Droid 2 exploded while he was talking to someone; he suffered minor ear cuts but is otherwise ok. Apparently the device still works other than the fact the glass is broken. I didn’t realize people actually used these things for phone calls; he was probably listening to his mother-in-law at the time of the mishap.
One of our local State legislators decided not to run for reelection during the last voter fiasco; a Republican from Bristol. Now he has announced he will take a job with the state comptrollers office which pays $119,000 per year. That is a pretty generous raise from the $18,000/year he made as representative. The governor of this state makes only around $90,000 salary each year. Just goes to show, when the Representatives say they are there only to serve, it is themselves whom get the best service.
Carolyn is dragging me out to the mountains to find some “greenery” to decorate the porch. It has been snowing and is very cold outside; I hope my delicate disposition is up to the task. I would much rather stay inside and play but a husband has his duties. To top all that, I am catching a cold. Phooey!
Have a Scrumptious Sunday!


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  1. I’m sure you will find beautiful greenery. Are such moments that Carolyn is resting? I doubt; and really admire her life energy.
    Be well my friend. 🙂

  2. Jerry, our son, already had some hemlock twigs and branches cut for his mom when we got there. Carolyn is on the porch working with them right now. She should rest but she won’t listen to me.
    Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  3. This song reminds me of Johnny Cash as it has that kind of haunted feel to it. I’m so glad he is still making music. I’ve been playing the Xmas album much to the chagrin of my family.
    how did the decorating go? Carolyn has some kind of energy. Somehow women achieve their regular daily duties along with the extra duty of “holiday” and how we do it is beyond me. We are driven by the love we have for our families I guess. I wish I had some decent trees to clip from to make a wreath. Saw Palmettos don’t look much like holiday trimming. stay warm.

    • I was also wondering how Johnny would handle this song. She tried putting the greenery up and allowing the light wires to hold them; in a few minutes the wind had it all on the floor. At this minute, she is at Lowe’s buying a staple gun. If you will remind us in time next year, maybe between Mark and I we can UPS you some nice hemlock branches and maybe some holly. Plenty of mistletoe around here too, but it takes a trained squirrel or a person who is a crack-shot with a .22 rifle to get it down. I will be warm again next May! Thanks, my friend.

  4. I want some green.

    He should have bought the Droid X.

    Hell I need that raise. The sheeple of Tennessee should raise a stink.

    • I will ship you some hemlock, too.
      The X will probably blow our brains out.
      I was wrong about the comptroller helper’s salary; it is $125,000. People here are like the rest of the country; heads in the sand.

      Thanks, Mark

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