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Saturday, Carolyn decided to clean carpet in the office and she temporarily evicted me, so I watched a football game on the telly. I am still having internet problems and I was relegated to using the Droid for the remainder of the day. Yesterday, she put out her office Christmas decorations and again I was forced to relocate, using the Droid for net access. Later on, we went to Fall Branch where she cleaned the building there and it was getting close to dark when we returned. A pretty lousy weekend for me, but except for the carpet cleaning and Fall Branch, Carolyn enjoyed getting out the few decorations we have left. The ones I like most are the hand-painted Bisque figures which Bro Hill created for us before he died. Steve would have been a very good artist for such if he had not had a stroke which left the right side of his body paralyzed. He did do some work afterward, but the quality was not there for him so he gave it up.
Obama is wanting to find a way to stop the diplomatic leaks, which he should do, but the best thing is tell the diplomats to keep their mouths shut when they have nothing positive to say about foreign leaders. Besides, why doesn’t the countries on the Arabian Peninsula attack Iran and destroy their nuclear program and threat? These nations have more money per capita than does the US, but they squeeze our oil dependent balls and we come running with our hands full of nukes to take out their enemies. If you don’t have a military, rent one seems to be their reasoning. I suppose we deserve our Rambo reputation because we have the mentality of apes.

Have a Wiki-Worshday, dear children.

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  1. Hahaha! Some of these opinions are really funny and true e. g. about Berlusconi. Wiki-Leaks – topic 1 on telly and in newspapers; a kind of earth-quake among politicians. Sometimes v. funny, sometimes v. sad.
    Ken, I’m sorry that your friend was so seriously ill. It would be interesting to see these nice things created by him. I’m not surprised that you like them so much. BTW: Carolyn is always charming when she is putting out her Christmas decorations.
    Have lovely evening!

    • Politicians need to have their noses pinched.

      Steve was a good man; I will make some pics of the figures he painted.

      Thanks, my friend. 🙂

  2. Most of the stuff was gossip more than anything else.

    Like I say. Treat people better and you win respect.
    Most nations do not like the way we throw around are power and are coming to resent it more each day. We are learning a tough lesson each and every day, and we are failing.


    • I wonder how much of it was leaked on purpose by the government?

      I think many countries admire American people and what we have accomplished, but they also are very wary of what out government has become. They don’t seem to understand that our government is a reflection of the people and that we are to blame for our government’s poor policies abroad and at home.

      Thanks, Mark

      • It very well may be orchestrated by the government.
        I think it is an all to real possibility. Wonder how Wiki vets for that.

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