Frenzy and food

Autumn forsythia

Was yesterday the holiday or is it today? This Black Friday crap is out of hand; is it an American-only rite of passage or is it in more capitalist countries? Christians, rein in your holiday; you started this Christmas bit and it is up to you to control it; you have placed a curse upon the world. For anyone not familiar with our Sacred Black Friday Service, it denotes the biggest shopping day of the year; many retailers make as much as 50% of their yearly profit on the day after Thanksgiving holiday; big discounts all on a first come, first served basis. The past two Black Fridays were a disappointment sales-wise, so this year they began having Black Friday sales two weeks ago, especially online retailers. Even the big chain stores “leaked” info about their discounts; when Target let it be known that it would have 32″ TVs for $299, everyone else began cutting prices to match or beat them and now you can find plain-jane 37″ models for $300. We have a basic Vizio 37″ which we bought for the bedroom four years ago and it was a bargain then at $899.
I like tossing Christians to the lions by blaming them for everything.
Carolyn prepared quite a meal yesterday, but not as elaborate as usual; instead of tater salad, we had mashed taters and she didn’t make baked beans. Her four best dishes are meat loaf, tater salad, dressing, and baked beans. She made broccoli casserole, green beans, macaroni and cheese, turkey breast, gravy, dressing, cranberry sauce, corn on the cob, deviled eggs, sweet tater casserole and store-bought rolls. She bought punkin and sweet tater pies and made a jello desert. She began cooking at 6:30am and we ate at 2:30pm. She did it all herself; no one but I offered to help. The amounts of food were generally less this year and some were missing, such as ham, candied sweet taters, pecan pie, and the aforementioned baked beans. Other than the fact that we had to buy all the food and Carolyn had to do all the cooking and cleaning up, it was a fairly good gathering. We had only four guests, so there is enough food left over to eat on today. Hope y’all had a good day.
The photo was made this morning.

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  1. I must say I could hear about American Black Friday first time this year. It was such news on Polish TV. I could see all these people gathered in shops and trying to buy new and cheap TVs, laptops and IPods. Later they were carrying different big boxes. It was a bit funny, and … sweet. I also think of Christmas gifts for my family and I hope to buy nice and not expansive things.
    I love all dishes prepared by Carolyn, especially broccoli casserole, and turkey breast of course. Thanks to you descriptions my friend American cuisine intrigues me more and more. All these names of food sounds wonderfully. 🙂
    Forsythia is beautiful! This photo moves me. Such forsythia is possible in my rather cold country only in April or even May.

    • Black Friday is another day invented to put Americans farther in debt for things most of them do not need. Next time you go to mass, light a candle for the silly Americans and one for Poland, praying that your country doesn’t become obsessed with the love of money as we have done. Mark has the right idea; he is buying handmade crafts for presents I wish I could get all my internet friends together and have Carolyn cook a meal for them. Our forsythia is either over-sexed or a bit insane, I think. It blooms whenever we have a few mild winter days. Thanks, Jola. 🙂

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