After editing

The above photos are from the same file which was originally much over-exposed; the sky is blown and there is a general lack of contrast. Over-exposure is mostly impossible to fix because there is little or no information there to work from; it is near dead 255. The post-edit photo has contrast modified by using the curves tool in Paintshop Pro, and an entire new sky was added with just a few mouse clicks using a free filter designed to do such. I was also able to correct perspective on both corners of the barn without losing too much photo along the sides. Even though it is not a great photo by any means, it is an example of how shots can be saved using a decent editor. With a little time and patience, garbage can be made into presentable photos by skillfully using software such as I use or with the more elaborate Photoshop or The Gimp. Had this been a .raw file, it would have looked even better but it was made with my Canon S3 IS which has no .raw output. Does the sky look real in the edited version? Would you have known it was not real if I hadn’t told you? Here is another with a completely fake sky.


Yesterday we found out that Chris got laid off from her job a few days ago, and her live-in boyfriend lost his job on Wednesday. I suppose they will both be moving in with us pretty soon. They neither one are eligible for unemployment benefits; but we are hoping they can get grocery assistance from the state. It is never enough but is can surely help. The American economy is booming. Phooey!


The lesion on my nose is cancerous.


May your Friday be feracious, dear friends.

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  1. Ken
    Sorry to hear about Chris and her boy friend loosing their jobs.
    Where did they work?
    Target and Toy or Us are hiring Christmas help., if they want to work
    in retail. Sometimes seasonal jobs turn into full time jobs.

    • Chris was working temp and Minco, and Kevin was working temp on a construction job. I will tell them about those tow places hiring. I could kick Chris’s butt for giving up her barber’s license.

      Thanks, Alice 🙂

  2. If you have to have that lesion removed ask about the Moh’s procedure. It is fairly new and not all dermatologists use it. It consists of taking layer by layer and checking under a microscope each layer until the site is free from the lesion. It is much less invasive than the typical punch biopsy, etc. In Florida I’ll bet they would have just mowed that barn right over for the road and then put a starbucks up. I like the original photo and not the doctored up one but I couldn’t tell those were fake clouds. Chris is your daughter? hope they finds jobs soon. It is so hard and hurtful when one looses a job. be well friend.

    • He gave me the option of the procedure as you described it, or of going with the freeze. I chose the non-surgical freezing. It is messier and takes longer to heal, but keeps the knife at bay. I will lose just a bit of the nostril edge and there will be a scar, but it should not look much worse than the lesion does at present. If I were 25 years younger, I would have had the surgery just for the better cosmetic outcome. You are right about the Starbucks; there will be something along that road pretty soon. Yes, Chris is my daughter and her boyfriend found a bit more temp work but it is day-to-day. Thanks, Tammy.

  3. I should learn how to use software. It’s really nice effect. I like this 2nd photo v. much. 🙂
    Yes, it’s sad that such young people are loosing their jobs.
    Ken, please take good care of your nose. I hope your doctor is clever surgeon.

    • The software gives so many more options than what the camera controls can provide. However, if you bracket your shots when you make them, it is not as important to have software. My surgeon is one of the best and that is another reason for the freeze method. If I had taken the knife option, I would have had to see a different doctor and we old folks do not like to change around when it comes to medical providers. ;-))) Thanks, Jola. 🙂

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