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Keegan got the money we wired, and along with a small check he got from the Air Force, he should be good until he gets his sign-up bonus next month. He can get a phone now. Thanks for sharing our concern with us, my dear friends; your support is a blessing.
Cuzzn-Dread, aka Jeremy our grandson, will be performing his first paying gig at Atlanta’s Red Light Cafe on Sunday, December 19. He has played some open mic sessions, but this will be his first professional performance. Carolyn, Chris, and Ashley want to drive there and see him perform, but a five hour drive is more than I think I can endure, especially if we have to leave coming back home after the show. Chris and Ashley have to work on Monday morning and Carolyn has to work Monday evening.
Ashley is now the manager of one of the local Sally’s Beauty Supply stores and has been offered jobs as a professional model which so far she hasn’t taken. Tabby is now working for our local landline phone company.
Speaking of wired phone companies, they seem to be making a bit of resurgence after years of losing traffic to cell companies. Wireless is getting too expensive for some people, and they are cutting back on their overpriced cell plans. I already have a Google Voice number and a Skype account, so I guess I am ok there.
Have a Sunday!

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  1. Dear God, first paying gig of Jeremy. My congrats on it! Lovely word: ‘gig’. I guess that Ashley and Tobby are Jeremy’s sisters.
    I bless a man (people) who invented Skype. European roaming is so expansive. Thanks to Skype I know what is going on with my daughter when she is abroad. I know all details and my heart is calm. First time I used it when she was in Tel-Aviv (2007). Yes, we can save a lot of money using Skype. And yes, we’re happy when our family is well. šŸ™‚

    • He won’t make much money at the gig, but it is a start; he wants to be able to get away from pure rap music and into Bob Marley type stuff. He also likes Tom Petty. Ashley is Jeremy’s younger sister and Tabby is Keegan’s older sister. I’ve never used Skype to make phone calls, but it is the chat client I use for Megashot.

      Thanks, Jola. šŸ™‚

  2. Oh, sorry for my spelling mistake. Tabby!

  3. Ken
    Congrats to Jeremy on his gig.
    I hope you all get to attend. I know you all are very proud of him.
    Good to hear Keegan is doing OK now.
    Have a great week.

    • Thanks, Alice. When things go good for the kids, not much else matters. Have a great week yourself, dear girl. šŸ™‚

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