Smiling Buddha--Autumn 2010

Megashot is having two paying contests in November, one for black and white, and one for landscapes. I have entered only two shots in the landscape category but have placed several in the b/w; I did not expect any of them to do well and it was a correct assumption. People are comfortable with familiar everyday scenes and judge other folk’s photos with that jaundiced eye. It has come to the point where I am beginning to follow the other contest voters; if I don’t know you and like you, you will get nothing, or at best, fives and sixes from me. I’ll give highest points to my best friends regardless of what I think about their photos. I see many others doing the same thing and it is the only place outside of administration where the contests are vulnerable. I have some ideas for the contests to make them better, but I think they will not be given much attention if I decide to bring them up for discussion. Until a lot more members are participating so that categories can be made more restrictive, there is little hope for any kind of fairness in judging.
Cold, steel-gray winter has filled my window for two days as the old man settles in for his seasonal hilarity. My motto this year: Don’t worry; be happy!
Winter blues cause me to think of my uncle Roy; he had a cure for everything … he smiled.
Roy had an unusual approach when he met a woman for the first time, especially if he found her attractive, and I heard him use it on many occasions. He would say to her “Who is the best looking man you know and why am I”. The words always brought a moment of hesitation before the woman suddenly absorbed the remark and beamed a smile at him. Roy had a way of making people feel good and causing them to feel good about themselves.

Roy and me--1945

He was quite a pool shooter in his day, having shot with and against some the worlds best. His biggest pleasure came in the 1960s when Minnesota Fats was in town doing an exhibition, and he chose my uncle as his partner for some matches. This was in the days of pool halls in bars, and not the shiny, clean, and well-lighted emporiums of today. It was one foot on the floor or out the door. As good as he was at billiards, Roy excelled at and loved to play English snooker and was at one time known as the best player in Johnson City. I will write more about him later.
Have a weekend, my friends, and where ever you may wander and whatever you may do, smile for me and you won’t be blue.

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  1. I think such people like your uncle Roy are beloved kids of God. They simply love to live and joy is always in their hearts.
    It’s interesting my friend that all members of your family loved you so much when you was a little boy. You are so cute in this photo. Your hands are so tiny. Your face is sweet. The photo was made near the porch, favorite place of your childhood. Oh, uncle Roy was handsome! It’s interesting that he was v. good at billiards.
    Ken … I smile for you. 🙂

  2. I always say it to my husband: don’t worry, be happy. Yes, it’s good motto. 🙂

  3. Yes, Roy was an interesting character. He was very intelligent, but he kept his smarts well hidden.

    I was the first grandchild for my maternal grandmother and I lived in her house for many of my first years. My mom was also there, and my granddad until July 1948 when he died. My uncles Roy and Fred were also there, so all these people got a lot of mom’s brat and I got a lot of love. Roy could have made a good living playing billiards but he had a problem which I will write about later.

    Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  4. Jola, have you ever seen the “Don’t worry; be happy” song video? 🙂

    • I think I know it, but I’m not sure. 😉

  5. Here is a link to the song:


  6. Funny! I love these three men. 🙂

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