November the oneth


Megashot is exploding with new members; I do not easily excite, but I am a bit tingly all over. I find the most satisfying part is helping the newcomers find their way around. When a member first joins the site, I leave a message for them saying “Welcome to Megashot! :-)” and many of them send me a message within a day or so asking for help with one thing or another. Last evening I assisted a man from out west in making and uploading his profile banner. I think he is probably a professional photographer and does a lot of landscapes. Anyway, while I was helping him, I told him about us needing help on the critique forum and he agreed to help out there as much as he has time for. I am a shameless shill.
For the second time, Carolyn and her crew got up very early on Saturday morning, loaded the van with supplies and the 110lb floor machine and drove to Piney Flats to do some floors for one of her long-time customers. It is one of those places that since 9/11 will not issue door keys to outsiders. Just as the previous time, the doors were locked even considering Carolyn phoned their office the afternoon prior to make sure they would leave the door unlocked. This is expensive for her; she has to pay the employees for two hours show-up time and she had other overhead expenses like gas for the van, pads for the machine, and having more than $100 worth of stripper and wax that she cannot use unless someone else needs some floors refinished. She absorbed the cost the first time because they are a longtime and quickly-paying account. However, this time she must bill them even if it only for enough to cover her costs and leaving her without profit. I don’t look to recover a cent.
May your whangam be lovable on this first worsh day of November.

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  1. Really strange customers. If I were Carolyn I would be v. angry. They should pay for all her costs.
    Btw, Piney Flats sounds so nicely in my ears. πŸ™‚

  2. Friends, I’m glad that I inspired you when I wrote about pantheism. I agree with you that some pieces of this philosophy are precious to me too and I think they don’t disturb my Catholic soul. πŸ˜‰
    For Tammy:

  3. I expect to do quite well in the black and white contest this month.

    No excuse for them not being there. Very poor business. I would bill them the total charge since this is the second time this has happened.

  4. I expect you would do well in the b/w contest … if I didn’t have my classic art in it. πŸ˜‰

    It was totally uncool of them but they are one of her best paying customers so she will have to walk softly.

    Thanks, Mark.

  5. Thanks, Jola.
    It is a part of doing business but it can be hurtful to a small company like Carolyn’s.

    I bet in know what your link leads to without opening it. :-)))

  6. Ducks are one of my favorite birds. Jola, your photo is stunning and it filled my heart with the love you must have felt when you took it. thank you! Because I love ducks so much I never eat them, or rabbits either for that matter. I am rolling this word around on my tongue and it feels good. Pantheism. Its lacks of structure and rules suit me just fine. All you need is love (John Lennon would be proud of me)… Be well my friends. These ducks are called mandarin? I wonder if they mate for life like geese.
    Ken, I think that the clients of Carolyn know that she will bend because she has to. There are too many others out there who will jump in her warm spot if she vacates it. I’ve experienced it also in being a subcontractor. She must be a patient lady… for many reasons!

    • Jola made a heart warming photo for we nature lovers.

      I don’t know what is happening with Carolyn’s account. Her employee went back by there last evening and it was just like the crew left it Saturday morning; no cars, the gate still open (they NEVER leave it open at night), all the trucks parked like they were. This is a huge, nationwide outfit so whatever happened must have come down from headquarters in Texas.

      Have a beautiful week in Florida, Tammy my friend.

  7. Ken and Tammy thanks for your kind words. Yes, these ducks are called ‘mandarins’. πŸ™‚

  8. Jola, if you ever come to Megashot. I hope you use your ducks as a profile banner; it would be as good as any there. πŸ™‚

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