Stormy weather


Storms came through around 8:30 yesterday morning with straight-line winds said to be in the 80mph range (129km/hr). Some homes were completely destroyed, mostly due to falling trees, many businesses were damaged, and electrical power was out over the region; ours was off for 11 hours. Our house is somewhat protected by a small forest of big trees on the western, prevailing wind side, plus the house is partially below the street grade. Even at that, the noise was enough to cause my sphincter muscles to tighten so much that a hat pin could not have been driven between them with a sledge hammer. More huge storms are projected for today.


Keegan is safely in Japan.


I will take a Social Security cut again next year; my Bush/Cheney generated drug insurance premiums are again rising and so is the amount of my co-pay. Where the hell is Obama’s health care reform? Gasoline prices are rising, all our required business insurance and auto insurance rates are increasing as are local taxes. Grocery prices are more than they were this time last year and utility costs have gone up. Medical prices have increased more than anything else, it seems, yet with all this, retirees do not get a cost of living increase, we did not get one this year, and only one percent is projected for 2012. Congress votes itself a fat raise every year.


Have a Tom-Terrific Tuesday, my friends.


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  1. It was terrible storm (such storms are in Poland rather in summer or spring). I’m not surprised that you were scared. As for the prices, we are also complaining about them and we cut our living expenses. We feel economic crisis. It’s sad, and sometimes v. difficult.
    Be well dear friend.

  2. Beautiful dogwood. I love the photos of alone trees. 🙂

  3. Spring is usually when they hit here, too, but they can happen anytime the seasons change.
    The companies ask us to buy, buy, buy, but money is hard to stretch as the prices rise.
    Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  4. Glad Keegan made it safely to Japan.

    My power was out from 8:30 A.M. until noon yesterday.
    Neighbor’s tree fell across fence into my yard. His cousin has been using the chain saw
    on it all day.
    No major damage. Just a lot of tree limbs down in the yard.
    Been doing manual labor all day, picking them up.

    • It sure was a rough one, Alice. Our neighbor two doors up lost part of his roof when a tree hit it, and then the wind peeled a lot of the shingles off of the rest. Be careful out there dragging the limbs and stuff; you know you older folks can break very easily. 😉
      Thanks, my friend.

  5. We missed all that nastiness here, had the warnings, but only got rain.

    Average cost of living is still going up no matter what the gov’t stats say.
    They have no basis in reality.

  6. COLA is based on outdated assumptions and does not take into account many of today’s factors that didn’t exist when the program was created. Any government change for the good is always slow in coming.

    Thanks, Mark.

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