Leaves and Lexus

Clark's Creek bathing spot

Today the wind is trying to flog all the colorful leaves from the trees before I can get a chance to photograph them. Some of the trees, especially the shagbark hickory across the street, have colored about a week earlier than usual while others are about like they were last year.
I am waiting for Carolyn to get back home with the Escape so I can go get my shot; I hope to hell I can get it but there is a chance I will not because I am still coughing a little bit. It has been 17 days since I had one, and I am certainly feeling it. Could be worse, though. Worst symptom: Totally tired all the time.
Toyota is recalling more than 1.5 million cars in addition to the 10 million previously recalled. They will do all this, take a big tax write-off, give their executives fat bonuses, and act as if nothing happened. Wake up, World!
Today’s photo is another from Clark’s Creek. The stream not only has the highest stepped waterfalls east of the Mississippi River, but I sometimes use this very rock and spot to take my quarterly baths; it should be sanctified. This shot was made during the worst of the drought but the water is usually about a foot (.3m) higher than this.
Have a good Thursday!

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  1. Ha! Ha! As I only saw this photo I was sure that it was a place where you were taking your ritual baths. Yes, it should be sanctified. 😉
    I love such kind of photos. They show the texture of all these things which are so physical (material) around us; e. g. stones, leaves, moss, bark.
    If you feel tired my friend I think that fresh air and short walks should be very good for you. Please take good care of yourself.

  2. That rock has seen a lot of me.
    I never used this photo before because it is a bit overexposed but I like it anyway.
    I will be ok after a week or so,
    Thanks, Jola.

  3. Well you have had a bad run with your cold/flu. Hopefully things will be better and you can get out this weekend.

    The creek looks like a nice spot to meditate.

  4. Shrine it off. Love the moss covered rocks. When you live in Florida your whole life it’s hard to imagine such a place as this really exists. Hope your fatigue passes quickly.

  5. Places like this are common in the hills; with winter coming, your Florida is the place to be.
    Thanks, Tammy.

  6. Air should be warmer tomorrow and the hills are colorful.

    Thanks, Mark.

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