Pics and pigs

There are many paths to choose for your journey. If you fail to meet a fellow traveler on your chosen way, it doesn't mean everyone else is lost

I am not a big fan of me using filters on my lenses, although I do have several of them. I have missed more good shots by having one on the lens at an inopportune moment than I have made “great” shots with them on. I have the normal protective ultra-violet filters, like everyone should use, on all my lenses. I also have a 52mm polarizer and a 62mm polarizer. I have a 50mm orange filter for shooting black and white when there are clouds in the sky. I have a 62mm .6 neutral density filter which I have never used and probably never will although I meant to when I bought it. Most of the filter effects can be duplicated with software, and I have a lot more control of the results. I also have three tri-pods; one has been with me for 30 years, one I have used twice, and one has never been used. I am a freaking pack rat when it comes to photo gadgets; I suppose it is because I had so few in the old days and had to make a lot of my own stuff.
Not much going on in my metropolis; politicians are still politicians and fast food is still fast food and I am sick of both. We have several barbecue restaurants in the area including some franchised “chain” types. Of the four oldest locally owned ones, one is famous in the city and another is well known in several states as it is a favorite of NASCAR fans when the big race weekends are in Bristol. I don’t like either of those, but the other two are smaller and have been around about as long as I can remember. I like my barbecue a bit on the sweet side and both serve such. The two which I do not like have a more tangy or bitter sauce and are more popular with local diners. I suppose I am just contrary when it comes to food; I rarely eat chicken of any kind, even if it is sweetly barbecued. Chicken and I have a religious “thing” going on; I will tell that story later. How do you like your barbecue?

Hooray for little Libby!!!

May your Tuesday telenergy be felt by all those you love.

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  1. Lovely photo. This looks like such a peaceful place. I’m a bit unbalanced of late and peace has only visited me in fleeting moments. I’m working on it. I want to hear your chicken story! I almost exclusively eat and purchase free-range chickens from my farmer. They are a bit lean but not processed and lived a good chicken life. Something my body and soul can live with.
    BBQ… hmmmm. Mike has a smoker and makes a mean smoked turkey and pork shoulder. I don’t much like ribs any more. Don’t like the vinegar style. He makes a thick chipotle/brown sugar sauce which has to be my favorite. He also puts salmon on the smoker which is pretty damn good. A good pork sandwich, cole slaw, fried green maters, and a beer. yum. I’d love to try your favorite BBQ places. maybe someday when we go on a road trip to that part of the country we will.

  2. The colorful spot on the left path is where we used to camp several times each summer.
    I’m sure you will soon get things back in order and find the right path for you. Dance night? Maybe you can lose yourself there for awhile.
    My chicken story is simple; I will try to write it in a day or so.
    For finger eating, I like beef best, but pork makes a better sandwich. I’m weird. Maybe someday we can all hit the local barbecue spots. I’ll have to dig my teeth out of the drawer. I like the sound of Mike’s brown sugar sauce.
    Thanks, Tammy.

  3. You call yourself so funny: freaking pack rat. I would like to see and touch your all filters.
    I like chicken. There are bars KFC in Warsaw. I must say I like such food from time to time.
    Ken, I love your photo of two roads and this inviting place where you liked to camp. It’s really beautiful.

  4. Thanks, Jola.
    What size filters does your lens use. I have some spares if you want them.

    In the photo, there is a small creek just to the left side and several waterfalls close by. It used to be good camping, but horse riders have taken over and their big trailers take up all the parking spaces, plus there is horse poop everywhere. 🙂

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