Autumn coming down

I feel well enough to get out and make photos today, but one of the vans is broken and we are sitting at home awaiting Jerry to come and see if he can fix it. Can’t go out tomorrow because Carolyn has to work. Peak colors in the mountains will probably come late next week and will last only a few days, however it is supposed to rain between now and then and that could mess everything up. The colors are best photographed in early morning and late evening; I hope Mark has some good luck this weekend.
The Blogger Loose Laces is still being regularly spammed; this particular post is the worst one and I deleted a bunch from it a month or three ago. It is not the only post to receive ad blessings; one from about a week back got hit just after a few days and there are many more. Blogger is still slow compared to WordPress; I just wish I could find out why Mark’s comments must be approved by me before appearing on the new Loose Laces.
It is beautiful outside today.
Have a winsome weekend!

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  1. Ken, have the best chances to catch autumn colours. I should go to my park Wilanów (or Łazienki) too.
    I’m glad that you feel better. Thanks for the video; it’s beautiful. 🙂

  2. Weather was perfect this weekend. Leaves quite nice. Coming close to the end of season in many areas.

  3. You did well in the park, Jola. Very good photos. 🙂

  4. We had good weather but the colors aren’t looking good here. A bit ragged.
    Thanks, Mark.

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