Autumn hurrieth

October 25, 2009

Late visiting robins are on the lawn, refueling on worms and bugs as they say goodbye to the soon-to-be barren hills. I’ve read that autumn moves southward at an average of 15 miles per day and the migrating birds are still ahead of the curve. One thing these late travelers need be aware of: raptors are also migrating in mid-October and we are on the edge of a major flyway for them; the robins can easily become a meal.

The leaves are quickly turning; for awhile I was thinking they may be late in coloring this year; the several trees I can see from my window are visibly changing from day to day, even from morning to evening. They may peak a bit earlier than usual. Last year, the high mountains peaked at around the 18th, the mid-level hills around Watauga lake peaked around the 25th, and the 1800 foot elevation where I live was at prime a few days later. Get those cameras ready.
I am feeling better this morning, but “better” is relative; the OTC meds are still keeping me more than usually stupid. The time away from the pc has allowed me to do some extra reading; I have finished three full novels since getting the Droid and am in the middle of a short story collection plus I am reading Algernon as I wrote about yesterday.
Have a wild worsh day!

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  1. Here in Poland the trees are changing too, however they will be really bare and yellow in November.
    I hope you remeber this photo, my friend:

    It’s so nice that you are reading a lot and you like your e-books. How they are edited? In PDF?

    Lovely photo, Ken. I love all your photos where is road. Oh, I think you know it. 🙂

  2. Many of our trees are yellowing, too. Yes, I remember the photo and the calmness of the scene. It, along with the latest one with the water on each side, is very, very good.

    The books are a special e-reader format. They have a linked t.o.c., bookmarkable, and searchable. I wish they were lendable. 😦

    I like shooting country roads, especially in the mountains. Yep, I knew you liked roads and paths.

    Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  3. Well I need to get the hills this weekend. I think if I wait I may miss the change.

    I have seen flocks heading south.

    Have not read a book on the Droid yet. Guess I should give that a try. Good way to pass the time during lunch.

  4. The next two weekends should be good; all according to elevation and weather.

    You live along the Atlantic flyway and should see many geese, ducks, and shorebirds.

    There are a lot of tips and tricks online about the Droid X and Android system.

    Thanks, Mark.

  5. I cannot ever think or see of a robin and not think of you. The robins were around when we first met…. My fellow bird-loving friend. they will be lean when they get to me but I’ll fatten them up and send them back to you with lipstick kisses on their heads.

  6. Thanks, Tammy.
    The songs of robins are my first childhood memories of birds. The robins and I appreciate the kisses.

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