A Feeling Called the Blues

Feeling a bit of age loneliness. People dieing around me; friends, family of friends, my family; it’s all a bit much. I’m filthy with the blues…

The blues is losing someone you love and not having enough money to immerse yourself in drink.
~ Henry Rollins
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Around the House

They are laying another railroad track beside the one behind my house. Possibly extending the Telford siding track so they can run longer trains. Whatever it’s for, it can’t be good for we who live so near the tracks.

I wonder what gives with the tulip poplar trees around my house? Their leaves are very small compared to normal and so are the blossoms. Probably something to do with the weather changes we are causing.

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Bear Bears Hardship in Mate Search

I read an article about a young bear leaving its home in the Polish Tatra mountains and traveling across country into foreign lands in search of romance. I wonder if the bear checked the internet first; there is probably a dating site for them such as Bear Zoosk or Bear Match.com, and for bears of faith there is Bear Christian Mingle where God Himself will show Bro Bear the sow of HIS choice. Amen.

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For Medicinal Use Only

I use cannabis whenever I can get it. It is illegal in Tennessee but I choose to ignore that and use it for RA pain. I’ve known since the 70s that it helps control pain but much of the weed we had back in the day wasn’t powerful enough unless I consumed a lot of it. Today, it certainly is strong enough to control some heavy discomfort for several hours at a time, especially if it is cannabis oil baked in cookies or brownies or such, One thing for sure, it beats eating prescription pain killers made from opium which can be very habit forming and even deadly.

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Thank You

“Thank you” and “You’re welcome” are more conversation than some people are able to muster.

If you keep yourself bottled up within yourself, no one will savor the fine wine which is you.

With all the media hullabaloo about cops beating and sometimes killing unarmed and non-threatening people, are you now afraid to summon the police even for a non-violent matter? Do you fear you or a family member may be harmed or even shot by the police as a coincidence of your call for help?

Thank you for reading my blog.

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